Gaston Browne Wants Higher Pay For Ministers


The Daily Observer-Antigua
St.Johns, Antigua (February 8, 2016 OBSERVER media)- Prime Minister Gaston Browne wants a raise in pay for himself and his ministers, whom he has declared as underpaid.He made the intention known, on Friday, during the debate on the 2016 Budget, saying the issue must be discussed at some point in a “mature way”.

Using Anguilla as an example, Browne said ministers of government in that British overseas territory receive EC $21 000 monthly.

“I know there are some who are going to spin it, but when individuals serve at this level and they take the level of abuse; have to sacrifice their family time, the quality of their lives… we should not envy them,” Browne declared.

He said parliamentarians currently receive about $10,000 per month, and people should want members of parliament (MP) on both sides “to live well and not suffer.”

However, one political analyst said Prime Minister Browne is “playing with trouble.” Associate Professor of Africa and Caribbean studies at the Arizona State University, Dr David Hinds, speaking on OBSERVER media’s Big Issues, said, “It’s not the best thing one can talk about at this time.”

He said this point is even more important since public servants do not get raises often.

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