Full PLP Candidates Dream Team reiterate full support of and commitment to PAP increase as announced by PM Harris

For Immediate Release: Monday 11th July 2022
All eight PLP candidates for the upcoming election have reiterated their commitment to protect and increase the current PAP.With the election campaign heating up, the future of the PAP programme has become a key issue for many voters as a result of Terrance Drew’s announcement that Labour will end the existing scheme.The PAP was introduced by the Harris-led Government to support the poorest in society with buying food and paying bills. Harris announced last week that he will increase the monthly payments from September 1st.

Commenting, Dr Harris said, “I’m proud that all eight PLP candidates recognise that PAP is a lifeline for many families.”You can hold us to our word. Under a PLP Government, the current PAP will be protected and payments will be increased.”Prime Minister Harris went on to say that the increase in PAP is only possible because of his strong and effective economic management – contrasting this with the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party’s economic record of high debt, high tax, and high poverty.Harris said, “Because we’ve managed the economy effectively, we can afford to invest in important things like PAP which help to protect the people in times of global economic uncertainty.In times like these, we can’t afford to risk Labour because they’ve proven they can’t manage the economy. Perhaps deep-down Dr Drew knows he will do exactly the same and he won’t be able to afford to protect PAP.”


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