Fresh Elections Loom in St.Kitts and Nevis

By Loshaun Dixon -May 17, 2022

Fresh Elections Loom in St Kitts and Nevis three years before they are constitutionally due after Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris instructed Governo Gener Sir Tapley Seaton QC to dissolve Parliament effective May 10.

The move means elections in St Kitts and Nevis are set to be held in 90 days and come after months of infighting among Cabinet members.

On Tuesday Prime Minister Dr Harris announced that has asked the GG to dissolve Parliament effective May 10 2022 after he sacked six of the cabinet members for neglect of duty.

“I have confidence in the people of St. Kitts and Nevis and I strongly believe in their right to choose their representatives in free and fair general elections. The time for decision making is at hand. Accordingly, I have asked the Governor-General to dissolve the Parliament of St. Kitts and Nevis effective today May 10, 2022. I will advise you when General Elections will be held.

Dr Harris called on the people to pray for their nation.

“I ask for your continued prayers and intercession for our people at this time. For those of you who have been on bended knees interceding for our Nation, I say a heartfelt thank you and ask that you continue. I also thank the countless individuals across the diaspora, for your support and encouragement at this time. We are a God-fearing nation, and we will get through this by God’s divine grace. May God continue to bless the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis. 

Dr Harris explained the election was necessary due to “strange” political developments.

“Unfortunately, over the past few months, the people of St. Kitts and Nevis have been subjected to increasingly strange and irrational behaviour by certain members of People’s Action Movement (PAM) and Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM). 

“These events commenced with the Convention of the PAM when the guest speaker, Hon Mark Brantley; and the political leader of PAM, the Hon Shawn Richards unwisely and publicly levelled scathing criticisms about the relationship between our tripartite movement. This development was surprising, inappropriate, uncalled for and absolutely inconsistent with the public pronouncements made by them on numerous occasions.”

He reminded that he met with both Ministers Brantley and Richards on more than one occasion since the PAM convention at which time they raised several issues. 

“Their concerns were subsequently articulated in a letter dated April 16, 2022, in which they made some 18 accusations and demands. I responded in writing on April 20, 2022, giving a comprehensive response to each one of their allegations and demands. That definitive response remains unanswered. Since then, both Ministers and four others from the PAM and the CCM have signed a letter to the Governor-General to express their loss of confidence in my leadership as Prime Minister. The Hon Shawn Richards has also filed a Motion of No Confidence with the Honourable Speaker of the Parliament.”

Responding to the dissolution of Parliament Shawn Richards the Leader of PAM said his party will run a full campaign in the time period leading up to the election. 

He said PAM and CCM will ensure that the promises prior to 2015 are delivered.

Leader of St Kitts and Nevis Labour Party Dr Terrance Drew reacting to the dissolution of parliament said it was time for the people to exercise their power and choose a government.

“Today with the power of the vote we will exercise the right to choose a new government which serves all of the people. We have been given a special opportunity to correct the wrong of the failed experiment.”

He urged all eligible voters to ensure their names are on the voter’s list and IDs are up to date.

“This upcoming election we are fighting for the very soul of our democratic and piece love in country.”

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