Former Minister Jonel Powell Urges PM Dr. Terrance Drew to Prioritize National Security Over Overseas Trips

****Former Minister Jonel Powell has issued a stern call for Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew to immediately return home from Dubai and focus his attention on the pressing issues of national security. Powell’s statement comes in the wake of a controversial National Security press conference, where concerns were raised about the government’s handling of the crime crisis.In a scathing social media post, Powell criticized the Prime Minister’s absence and emphasized the need for him to be actively engaged in addressing the surge in criminal activity. Powell highlighted the inadequacy of the press conference in providing a clear strategy to tackle crime, further underscoring the urgency of the situation.Expressing concern over the Prime Minister’s frequent overseas trips, Powell urged Dr. Drew to prioritize his responsibilities as Minister of National Security and lead the nation during this critical period. He called on the Prime Minister to cease delegating important matters and focus on being present on the ground to address the security challenges facing the country.Powell’s remarks underscore the growing pressure on the government to take decisive action in response to escalating crime rates, emphasizing the need for strong leadership and effective strategies to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.

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