Federation Continues To Be Plagued by Decade Old Violent Crime Problem

Micheal Ela Glasford
Micheal Ela Glasford

Micheal Ela Glasford

St.Kitts-Nevis continues to reel with what seems to be a never-ending occurrence of gun related violent crimes, in particular murders. Well known Businessman and TAXI Tour Operator Micheal Ela Glasford was gunned down just after 11pm at a shop close to the Dorset Park otherwise known as the Seasaw Park in Basseterre.

The murder is the 42nd in the last 18 months and the 100th plus in the last 5-6 years in St.Kitts-Nevis. Despite the reduction in overall crime in the federation when compared to similar periods in 2014 the occurrence and frequency of murders in the country continues to plague the society.

Both the former and now present administration have had to deal with the issue for just 4 months in the case of the present administration and over a decade in the case of the previous administration.

Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris yesterday announced a plethora of Crime Fighting Inititiatives which includes new forensic investigative equipment, the establishment of a fire arms unit   , the enhancement of the SSU, and the training of police force personnel in various fields including ballistics. Community policing is also one of the new initiatives that is being currently pursued.

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