Experience the magic of SandyBums by Yani’s One Pot

(Basseterre; St. Kitts): Amazing views, amazing food… what more can one ask for? How about some opulent wine, soothing music and of course great company to share the experience with? That is just some of the magic offered for SandyBums by Yani’s One Pot.

Yani’s One Pot (YOP), is a business owned by Yanero Henry that began in 2019, offering “one pot” type of meals to customers. He first began offering freshly made pastas and stir-fry’s before venturing into offering other options.

So far, his food has been quite a hit.

The former model who hails from Dieppe Bay said that he started his business Yani’s One Pot out of necessity as he was no longer working in the hospitality sector, an industry he was a part of for ten years.

So when the opportunity presented itself, he decided to venture into owning his own business.

Yani’s One Pot offers lunches on selected weekdays, while on Fridays, the ‘After Wuk Lime’ at the Pasture Side Bar and Grill, features steak and garlic fries, shrimp and garlic fries, lobster and salmon meals.

The Birth of Sandy Bums

Henry said that after the pandemic (covid-19), began affecting St. Kitts and the country went into lockdown, many persons had to create new experiences “at home to escape the mundanity of the


“I did quite a bit of backyard barbequing and picnics to get away from the confines of indoors and once things began returning to ‘normal’, I felt there was an opportunity to transform the way we dine.”

He continued: “Most foodies have tried many of the restaurants on island, which all offer a sit down experience in a set location. With SandyBums, not only can the location be switched up, but the entire experience from food to décor can be transformed to compliment your desires. It also allows an intimate setting where the guests can totally be at ease, relish in their privacy and of course, enjoy a great meal.”

SandyBums is an intimate dining experience that can cater  to a maximum of four people or less, including couples, friends or families. It features a three-course tailored menu of preference created with special attention to any allergies or food preference, wine or preferred beverage, special décor and entertainment all at the preference of the customers.

Although he has not officially launched the service as yet, after a test run earlier this year and after sharing videos and pictures, interest was shown, and the popularity of this service has been growing.

Freedom to create

Henry delights in opportunities that allows his creative juices to flow, and SandyBums caters to that love.

“I am able to let loose and bring the intimate dining experience to life. It’s where I feel the transfer of energy into my food is most felt,” he said.

That “energy” has created quite a buzz when it comes to his delicacies that romances your taste buds and seduces your eyes.

His presentation of meals are appetizing as a diner’s plate should engage your senses, while you anticipate the delicious meal.

“My main aim is to bring something different to current culinary landscape. With the help of technology, we’re able to see what’s happening in other parts of the world in terms of food and dining, but these experiences aren’t necessary available here in St. Kitts and Nevis. So my job is to create that on our soil,” he said.

He also entered the St. Kitts-Nevis Restaurant Week Cook-Off Challenge in 2020, where he thought it would be a good opportunity to put his skills to the test and introduce a face behind the brand.

“The experience was great as I was able to showcase my vision as it relates to food.  I also felt like an underdog as I had the least experience of all the other competitors; this definitely fueled my drive,” Henry said.

In the not so distant future he is hoping to have his own physical location which according to Henry, will be a mix of “luxe, great food and absolute good vibes.”

For more on Yani’s One Pot, visit @yanisonepot on Instagram and call 668-8912 for orders.

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