Eco-Friendly Packaging For the Marijuana Industry

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As more countries begin to legalise marijuana, dispensaries and businesses are looking to grow as much as possible while also giving back. Obviously, increasing their sales is the main aim of any business, no matter the industry. This means there has been a huge increase in the number of businesses hiring specialist cannabis website design services to make sure potential clients are met with a responsive website when looking into their services.

Moreover, increased sales mean that a huge number of products are purchased by customers. This means that business owners will probably have to think about the nitty-gritty of the sales, starting from getting the products packed (using an AMP sealing jaw for their existing flow wrapping machine) quickly to shipping it to the customers via a reputable logistics firm.

However, a good reputation is also needed to continue their growth so a large number of cannabis businesses give a percentage of their profits to good causes. And some are looking into different ways they can help protect the environment.

With temperatures, sea levels, and severe weather events on the rise, environmentally-friendly business practices are currently of utmost importance. And consumers agree. This has made some new trends in various industries.

The CGS 2019 Consumer Sustainability Survey reported that 68 percent of respondents viewed sustainability as necessary, regardless of their age and gender. 35% said they were willing to pay a quarter more than the original price for environmentally-friendly products, as well.

Currently, many cannabis distributors rely heavily on plastic, a non-biodegradable material loaded with chemicals that are bad for the environment and human body, says Environmental Health News.

Furthermore, plastic has a horrendous carbon footprint. According to the University of California, plastic emissions were equivalent to roughly 1.8 billion metric tons of CO2 in 2015.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sustainable packaging solutions available for your products, including looking at websites like and similar others, to see what they have available and how they can fit into new packaging requirements for the environment. While they might cost more upfront, it will earn you more by attracting new, eco-conscious consumers in the long run. Furthermore, you could also make use of Packaging Optimization services from companies like BoldtSmith Packaging Consultants to figure out how to reduce the product damage and package costs.

Eco-Friendly Packaging For the Marijuana Industry

In general, there are four main alternatives to traditional cannabis packaging. These include:

  1. Recyclable Materials – These are products made from recyclable or renewable materials, like plant-based plastics.
  2. Compostable Packaging – Anything made from materials easily broken down in the environment or reused by an individual for their composting needs.
  3. Wooden Cannabis Packaging – This is packaging made entirely out of wood instead of plastic. Some parts of the packaging may use glass or metal.
  4. Glass Cannabis Packaging – These are made entirely out of glass in place of plastic. Some manufacturers may also use a hybrid of glass and wood, for example, wooden lids for glass jars or wood-tipped vape cartridges.

Each of these alternatives comes with unique benefits and customization options. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which is best for your business and caters most to your brand as well as your consumers.

Your packaging is the first thing your customers will see. Since it serves as a reflection of your brand and product quality, it’s vital to show your customers you have the best Chicago marijuana.

Recyclable Materials

Some environmentally-friendly packaging companies create their products from almost entirely recycled materials. For example, marijuana flower containers made from recycled plastic, or bags made from recycled cardboard or paper.

Packaging made from recycled materials relieves the burden placed on the planet from creating additional plastic. It also allows you to retain your brand identity by using containers that look similar to those you already use.

However, it becomes the consumer’s responsibility to make sure these containers are recycled properly afterward. If they simply dispose of them in the trash, the packaging will end up in a landfill where it can’t decompose or be repurposed later.

Sana Packaging is an example of a manufacturer who uses 100 percent plant-based plastics and other renewable materials. More specifically, Sana uses hemp-based plastic.

Nitrotin is an eco-conscious manufacturer who uses 100 percent recyclable materials for their products. They create airtight cans, which locks in the product’s moisture. It also prevents air contaminants from coming in.

The Paper Tube Company creates custom eco-friendly packaging for many different cannabis distributors that’s “100 percent recyclable and 110 percent reusable,” their website states. They have a wide variety of options available for flower, vape, and more.

Dama Distributing says its mission is “to eliminate petroleum-based plastic waste in the cannabis and CBD industries by offering eco-friendly and plant-based products.” Their packaging is entirely made from hemp and other plant materials. It’s also childproof, which boosts consumer safety.

Compostable Packaging

Another single-use alternative is compostable packaging. This solves the issue of worrying about whether it gets recycled properly afterward, as it doesn’t need to be. Compostable packaging is made with materials that are naturally broken down by the environment.

This is especially appealing for the green-thumbed consumer who enjoys creating compost for their garden. Maybe it could even encourage consumers to try out composting for the first time!

Calyx uses compostable plastic that breaks down “as soon as it enters biologically active landfills,” according to the description on their website.

MM Green Packaging Solutions is committed to reducing plastic by only creating biodegradable, compostable packaging. They create products for flower, vape cartridges, concentrates, gift boxes, and any other “custom cannabis packages you can think of.”

Sungrown Packaging is a manufacturer dedicated to “pioneering innovative alternatives to plastic,” according to their about page. A significant portion of their products are made from recycled materials, and they’re completely compostable.

Budpack offers a range of packaging solutions, including recyclable and compostable options. On their site, they encourage their customers to inquire about the eco-friendly alternatives they offer.

Wooden Cannabis Packaging

Source: Pixabay

Trendy and beautiful, wooden packaging attracts consumers with its visual appeal and keeps them coming back for your quality product.

Although wooden packaging would imply a tree was cut to make it, some manufacturers utilize recycled wood. There’s also a greater chance the customer will keep the packaging and reuse it to store something else later due to its natural aesthetic.

Glass Cannabis Packaging

Source: Pexels

Similarly, glass offers the same visual appeal and reusable value as wood. This high-end packaging solution also guarantees the freshness of cannabis flowers and vape liquid.

Some manufacturers produce a hybrid of glass and wood packaging. For example, their flower containers are glass with a wooden lid, or the vape cartridges are glass with a wooden tip.

In Conclusion

Investing in eco-friendly packaging is one small step towards healing our planet, and one large step towards alluring more customers.

Many of these environmentally conscious packaging solutions are ethically crafted, highly attractive, and incredibly customizable. From flower and vape to concentrates and topicals, these companies are eager to create packaging that aligns with your brand identity.

At the end of the day, eco-conscious business practices speak on the behalf of your brand’s ethics – which is especially important in the marijuana industry.

After all, how could you demonstrate compassion for your customers if you can’t demonstrate that same compassion for Earth?

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