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Dr. Terrance Drew has been in the news a lot recently as he tries to defend his promotion of COVID-19 FAULTY TEST KITS from China. The Rapid Antibody Test Kits are raising concern all over the world. Countries like New Zealand  have totally banned their use and importation while India has halted their use and the US is investigating their efficacy. Despite all of this negative publicity surrounding the kits Dr. Drew continues to support and promote their use in St.Kitts-Nevis. It seems this along with other factors may have negatively impacted his election campaign. In early February according to polls then Drew had a favorability rating of 31% while Hamilton enjoyed a 37% with 32% undecided.  By Mid April Drew’s number have dropped . In fact his favorability rating as at 21st April is at 24% while Hamilton has improved to  41%  with 35% now undecided. Seemingly persons who in February supported drew are now either supporting Hamilton or are undecided. With Elections due by August this swing to Hamilton no doubt puts him in a good position. Drew has to change course and try to distance himself from the Rapid Test Kits issue and spend more time in his constituency where Hamilton has seemngly made significant inroads. One of the most surprising stats revealed by the Poll is that Hamilton has significantly improved his favorablity in the St.Peters area which has long been considered a Labour Party stringhold . In St.Peters  he now has a 31% favorability to Drew’s 43%. In the 2015 elections Hamilton garnered 750 votes in St.Peters which was double the numbe rof votes he received their in 2010. The 31% favorability rate  is an improvement to polls held in October and Janaury  which showed 22% and 25% favourability for Hamilton in that area.  Hamilton continues to enjoy a much better favorability rate in Conaree, Keys and Cayon.

Drew lost the last elections by 256 votes. A huge amount to overcome by any standard in St.Kitts-nevis. Hamilton received more votes than any other candidate in the entire federation. Drew must recalibrate  and change course as it seems he may be heading for another convincing defeat.

Recently there has been discussions regarding the positioning of Drew and the idea of having him replace Dr. Douglas in const#6 as it seems Drew is the heir apparent to Dr.Douglas’ leadership of the SKN Labour Party. The repositioning will ensure that Drew is an elected member of parliament. which is almost a prerequisite for his desired ascension to the leadership of the party.

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