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Being a Government Minister is an extremely demanding occupation. For example, Government Ministers are expected to sacrifice their time, efforts, and other resources, at times, beyond their office hours, job descriptions, and even their salaries. On Friday, June 4th, the Hon. Shawn Richards, the Minister responsible for Public Infrastructure, Post and Urban Development, demonstrated just that. At a small but significant gathering, Minister Richards donated tools and equipment to the Landscaping department of the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), from his pocket. UDC falls under Minister Richard’s purview. Richards noted that,Employees are the greatest Assets a company can have. Even more so, when said employees are fully resourced to execute their jobs effectively and efficiently. This not only augments staff, team and company productivity but it also boasts Employee Satisfaction and by extension, Morale, Motivation, and the Performance of what scholars call Organizational Citizenship Behaviors. Recently, I received feedback that the staff complement at the UDC was in need of essential tools and equipment in the job. Immediately, I decided to personally fund the procurement of said items.
Richards continued by praising the staff at UDC.
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, UDC Employees have remained committed to their jobs and the corporation amidst numerous challenges. And I thought if it takes me personally procuring equipment to better meet their needs and make their workplace experience more amenable, then that’s what I needed to do.

Minister Richards reported that the amount he donated exceeded EC $2, 000. Further, Richards committed himself to making additional donations to other UDC departments over the next two months, including Security.
Mr. Stephen Duggins, the newly appointment Chairman of the UDC Board was also present and he gave remarks. Duggins commended the Minister for his exemplary representation and thanked him for his selfless donation. UDC’s Facilities Manager, Mr. Chris Roberts, was also present and he too echoed the appreciation for the Minister’s personal altruism.

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