PM Harris announces 20% “Risk Pay” Increase for Security Forces on St.Kitts-Nevis as one of new initiatives to enhance crime fighting efforts


Basseterre, St.Kitts (December 16th 2015):- Security Forces on St.Kitts-Nevis will receive a major incentive adjustment starting in the new year with the announcement of a 20% Increase in “Risk Pay”.
The Announcement was made by Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and National Security , Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris during his maiden Budget Address as Prime Minister. Dr. Harris stated that the increase was considered and granted after representation was made by the High Command to consider a review of the “Risk Pay” of officers .
“We had received a proposal from the High Command to consider a review of the risk pay that has been paid to the security officers…I am pleased to say that in this 2016 budget that Team Unity will facilitate a 20% increase in risk pay for security officers.”
Dr Harris stated that The Police High Command and that of the Defense Force requested the increase of the risk pay after it was noted that no review was made on the salaries of the law enforcement officials for a number of years.

“I am advised even yesterday (Dec 14) by Colonel Wallace [Defense Force] and the Acting Commissioner [Stafford Liburd] that they can’t recall when was the last time that the security pay for the police had been reviewed. Within a short coming of this administration a commitment, and in honour of those who have been serving the country well as security officers and the risk which they and their families are being put, this Cabinet at the budget estimates and subsequently at discussions internally, agreed that risk pay- 20% increase.”
The Police, Prison Wardens, the Defense Force; the Coast Guard and Fire and Rescue will all benefit from the signficiant increase in compensation
Prime Minister Harris indicated that the risk pay will be reviewed periodically

Dr. Harris also announced an additional incentive for officers who go beyond the call of duty and perform exceptionally .
“….. in addition to the risk pay from which all will benefit, we are going to identify those exceptional officers in the Police and Defense Force(s) who are going beyond the call, risking their lives in furtherance of the implementation of our Six-point Plan and our strategic plan that we shall unfold in 2016,” Dr. Harris announced.
The Appropriation Act (2016), 2015 containing the draft estimates was given its first reading on Tuesday. Members of Parliament are expected to debate the address beginning today Wednesday (Dec 16) at 10am.

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