Deputy Premier Mark Brantley Joins Nevisians in Expressing Outrage Over Recent Statement by Former PM Douglas


Recent statements by former Prime Minister of St.Kitts-Nevis Dr. Denzil Douglas have come in for very heavy criticism and have outraged Nevisians. Deputy Premier of Nevis Hon. Mark Brantley publicly expressed the sentiments of Nevisians with a statement issued via social media.
The outrage was precipitated by the Labour Party Leader’s call for an investigation into the recent $10 million budgetary support payment by the Team UNITY Administration to the NIA.
Brantley who also serves as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Team UNITY Administration blasted the Labor Party Leader Douglas and described his statement as an attack on Nevis and Nevisians.
The Charismatic Chief Diplomat stated “If Nevisians wanted any further evidence of how they are viewed by the Douglas Labor Party in St. Kitts they need only listen to its leader who has condemned the recent payment to Nevis of EC$10 million and demanded an investigation. According to him, St. Kitts taxpayer’s money being “given away” to Nevis. Now I have decided to largely ignore those who now occupy the ranks of the irrelevant but this attack on Nevisians irks me terribly,” Brantley lamented.
Brantley further declared “Now when we hear that over $1.4 BILLION was collected by the SIDF and understand that the SIDF is in the business of trading the St. Kitts and NEVIS passport and we also know that hundreds of millions more were collected directly by the Federal Government as processing fees for the same St. Kitts and NEVIS passports, I am left to wonder why anyone would begrudge the people of Nevis a tiny drop in the proverbial bucket?”
Brantley also reiterated the pledge of the Team UNITY which centered around the notion of a FAIR SHARE FOR ALL.
“Team UNITY has pledged to right the ship of State and restore balance to our country. UNITY has pledged to ensure that ALL Kittitians and Nevisians can share in the bounty of their country. CBI/SIDF monies are not St. Kitts monies. They are St. Kitts and NEVIS monies derived from the sale of a St. Kitts and Nevis asset, our passport,” stated Brantley.
“Nevisians should be outraged that anyone could express concern that a sum representing less than 1% of national revenue from CBI and SIDF has come to Charlestown,” proclaimed Brantley.
“Thank God for UNITY. The country now has a fresh start and a real opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and allow ALL of our people to share in the benefits of OUR country,” Brantley Concluded
A $10mil gratuitous payment for budgetary support from the Unity government was paid to the NIA. The payment was in keeping with what was outlined in the historic Charlestown Accord, where Nevis was promised ‘its fair share of national resources’. Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris said the $10million was a first payment and a sign of good faith.

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