The Valley Anguilla – The Ministry of Sustainability, Innovation and The Environment (MSIE) informs the General Public that the feasibility study into the De-carbonoization of Anguilla Ferry Service has  commenced.  Advancing on one of several renewable energy initiatives, Minister Quincia Gumbs-Marie has secured the support and earmarked funding pending the favourable results of the ongoing study. The aim of this project is to convert a portion of Anguilla’s ferry service from gasoline and diesel motors to battery operated motors. 

Funded under the UK Government’s Conflict Stability and Security Fund, the study included inperson interviews and data gathering over a three week period. Commenting on the study Mr Sedar ISIK- Naval Architect/Ship Surveyor stated, “I have spent three weeks in Anguilla collecting technical data on its ferries and the nature of their operation. I will take this data back to the UK where it will be analysed and used in a feasibility study by a dedicated team in the UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), which is to determine whether the ferries can be converted to battery power for inter-island crossings. I am delighted to be taking part in such a worthy project, led by Anguilla, to explore the decarbonisation of the Caribbean Region.”

Ali Leighton from the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency said ‘Anguilla’s BANG paper aims to drive innovation and ‘encourage low carbon, technology based solutions to common and complex problems’.  Decarbonising the shipping industry is challenging and there are still a lot of unknowns particularly around alternative power solutions for existing vessels.  This feasibility study is important for the region and the UK is pleased to support Anguilla as it looks to establish whether its local ferries can be converted to electric engines.  It is important to understand the practical implications and the long-term costs associated with any decarbonising initiatives.

In addition to thanking the MCA for their suport, the Honourable Minister MSIE, Mrs. Gumbs-Marie stated “Although this is an extremely ambitious initiative I am proud to see it taking shape and even going on to inspire support from key international agencies. My time at COP26 was the catalyst which turned this vision to a reality. The positive impact which the materialization of this project will have on our regional and international counterparts cannot be understated. It would be remiss of me if I did not thank the boat operators who have been totally open and supportive of this initiative.  The possibility of removing the sole reliance on fossil fuels for a portion of the transportation services that feeds our economy should be a welcomed initiative embraced by all if the study proves it to be a viable option.” 


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