by Steven Kaszab,

Conservatism : Webster’s Dictionary definition shows a disposition in politics to preserve what is established. A political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change. Such a philosophy calls for lower taxes, limited government regulation of business and investing, a strong national defense, and individual financial responsibility for personal needs such as retirement income or health care coverage. Conservatism has a tendency to prefer existing or traditional situations to change.Erin O’Toole and The Conservative Party of Canada want your vote. For months now, this party has attacked their opponents record of inaction. Conservatives claim that their platform is better then the other political parties yet came out with the “projected numbers-Costs” of their policies should they be elected. This last week will certainly show some ugly tactics in order to sway your votes.
Conservatism was once a socio political rooting of democracy in North America. A force that could unite urbanites and rural folk alike. It’s time as a force for change has passed into history. Why?Canadian’s require and demand that their Federal Government lead the nation towards a solution based plan of attack, making those changes necessary to fight Climate Change and many other issues of national significance. Climate Change has been experienced by every Canadian and their neighbors. This summer presented Canadian with massive forest fires, floods, droughts, ice and snow melts that have never happened in our time. Our national wildlife is endangered, our water and air unbearable at times. The cycle that Climate Change brings upon us will only get worse. Canadians demand their Federal Government must lead our Municipal and Provincial Governments in this war against extinction. That is not a joke. The very way Canada’s Economy works must be reviewed and redirected away from mass merchandising, wasteful packaging, ending the use of gas run vehicles, closing Canada’s CO2 expenders.Huge changes are needed and should be carried out quickly in order that our environment, economy and socio-political health is protected.The Conservative Party under the leadership of Erin O’Toole Can Not be that force that will carry out these changes. Remember the many Conservatives who denied that Climate Change was happening. Look to their record, that shows Conservatives lack the empathy necessary to be agents of Change. 
The past administrations of Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau has the opportunity, yes the obligation to make Real changes to Canada’s Environmental  and Economic Renewal. They did nothing but speak platitudes and proclaim grand plans that never became reality. They could not even give our Indigenous and 1st Nations neighbors fresh water to drink and protection from Corporate pollution within reach of their communities. Talking about it, studying the effects of Climate Change waists time that Canadians and our Global Neighbor’s cannot afford. In business we find something that needs to be done, and we go about achieving the goal. 
Conservative’s very nature is to maintain the present with thoughts of the past to direct them. Their idea of the future is very different to what Canadians want to see. There are excellent members of this party such as Scot Davidson(our MP) who fought to protect the great lakes and is a real environmentalist. Lesyln Lewis  and so many other members are very good people working in an antiquated political party with not real vision of the future except to make what exists seem better, new and improved. As a small c Provincial Conservative in Ontario I have seen how conservative governments have fallen short in their ability to protect their citizens and look to the future. Ontario’s Premier and leadership have been fence sitting for many months, showing their lack of understanding of how their citizens will react to governmental orders for their health or the lack there of. Alberta’s Premier has show how not to leader, often hiding away so the media and citizenry cannot bring them to accountability. Many people have died because of their  inaction and misunderstand of human beings. WHY would you think that Erin O’Toole would be any different? Most Conservative Governments are directed by so called “back room boys”, who orchestrate how their MPP’s and MP’s should act, speak and answer questions. The politicians need for power will always be more important than the impulse to held their electorate. Before You vote today or in a week from now please think about what is at stake in Canada and our Mother Earth. Canadians and all our Global Neighbor’s must rethink their expectations for themselves, their families and neighbor’s.Please note how America’s Conservatives (The Republican Party) do business. Obstructionists with no real creative thought. Could Erin O’Toole be offering us a piece of that pie? He was and is a military man. An officer is good at taking orders right? Who is The Conservative Party’s boss? The Corporations and money men that have raped our nation of our precious natural resources, and made our economy a resource based operation that is limited in future benefits. Why is coal not extracted safely? There is technology that allows for 0% emissions, but corporations say it is too expensive. Profits over Canada’s National energy needs.Should the Conservatives win the election what do you think will follow? When a business is acquired, it is studied, its debt reviewed and then the cuts happen. A Government is seen by Conservatives as though it were a Corporation and not what it truly is, a living organization with empathy, transparency and accountability as its set principal rules.Remember Conservatism means CONSERVING the STATUS QUO.Happy with what you have seen and experienced in Canada and the world?

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