Commemorating the 16th Anniversary of Sir John GM Compton’s Passing: A Legacy Forever Alive

Today, on September 7th, 2023, the United Workers Party joins the nation in solemn remembrance of the late Sir John GM Compton, the father of our nation and visionary founding leader of the UWP. Though he departed this world sixteen years ago, his indelible mark on our nation’s history remains steadfast.

Sir Compton’s contributions to the socioeconomic development of Saint Lucia, his sagacious counsel, and unwavering love for our beloved country continue to be a wellspring of inspiration. As we confront the challenges of today and tomorrow, we hold fast to the values and aspirations he envisioned.

His life of dedicated service stands as a beacon for us all, illuminating our path like a timeless flame. May his memory reside in our hearts, shaping our actions and decisions. May he rest eternally in the Lord’s perfect peace.

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