Citizens Call for the Return of the RSS as St.Kitts-Nevis records Two Murders

Zennick MacSheene and Marlon Mills



Basseterre, St.Kitts (Tuesday October 26th , 2016):- Citizens and Residents of St.Kitts-Nevis are calling on the Minister of National Security and the Team UNITY Government to immediately hasten the return of the RSS to the shores of the federation. This call comes as two young men were murdered within hours of each other just days after the exit of the RSS Contingent. The RSS were brought in to provide crime fighting and prevention support for the Royal St,Christopher-Nevis Police Force. Except for the death of a teenager in a reported gun mishapd there was no murders recorded During the RSS’ 5-6 week presence on the island. They RSS Contingent left the island within the last week.

On Tuesday Afternoon Marlon Mills alias Mabo was gunned down execution style in the St.Johnston Village area. His girlfriend received non life threatening injuries in the attack.

On Tuesday evening Zennick Mcsheen was gunned down in the Rural Village of Ottleys. The Violent Crimes Unit is investigating a shooting incident in Ottley’s Village which resulted in the death of one person, a 20 year old male resident of Cayon. Initial investigations revealed the victim was shot sometime after 7.00pm on Tuesday

(October 25) by an unknown assailant(s) at the junction of “Bigbow” Alley and the Island Main Road.

St.Kitts-Nevis has been plagued by an ongoing ten year violent crime issue which successive administrations have been unable to successfully tackle. Despite record sums of budget allocations to National Security for crime fighting by the Team UNITY administration the problem of violent crimes in particular murders continue to be a major issue .

Deputy Financial Secretary Mr. Calvin Edwards indicated in a recent interview  that Prime Minister, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, who holds the portfolio of finance and national security, has instructed that efforts be focused on acquiring the necessary funds to continue to enhance and improve the crime fighting capabilities of the Security Forces. “The government is not sparing any resources in terms of giving the police the necessary resources that it would need to effectively fight crime,” said Edwards.

“Massive investments are going to be put into training, upgrading equipment for police and so on so that they can keep up the momentum,” Edwards continued.

It is unclear whether the RSS will be asked to return. What is clear however is that their presence made a difference as the country is now appreciating. Prime Minister Dr. Timtohy Harris will no doubt address the issue at his monthly Press Conference which is scheduled for Wednesday 26TH October at 2pm.


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  1. The govt must invest in forensic investigation send the police officers to improve on they scientific ability’s.uwi have a forensic science course and no one from St. Kitts attend this course. The governments also need to form a regional forensic investigation team.

  2. Please bring back the death penality. With the current Laws the criminals knows if they are caught and jailed they’ll be back on the streets shortly so they do not care, but if they knows that they’ll be hang they’ll stop their evil ways. The Death penality…please

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