Chaos and Lack of Transparency Plague PM Drew Administration as Two Permanent Secretaries Sent Home

The ongoing chaos, confusion, and lack of transparency within the PM Drew administration have reached alarming levels as two Permanent Secretaries, Cecile Hull of National Security and Dr. Sharon Archibald of Health, were abruptly sent home on leave without any official word to the citizens.

The timing of these dismissals is particularly concerning, as both ministries were grappling with significant challenges. The Ministry of National Security faced a surge in violent crimes, including three murders and multiple shootings, while the Ministry of Health struggled with a deteriorating healthcare system and a shocking 30-minute blackout at JNF. According to reliable sources, Dr. Archibald has been sent on leave, yet neither the Ministry of Health nor the government has issued any statement regarding her dismissal.

Similarly, PS Cecile Hull was sent on extended leave without any official explanation, and PS Glenroy Blanchette has assumed her duties in the Prime Minister’s National Security office. Despite the gravity of these dismissals, the lack of transparency and accountability from the Drew administration is glaring.

The failure to provide an official statement or explanation regarding the dismissal of these high-profile Permanent Secretaries reflects poorly on the administration’s commitment to transparency and accountability. The absence of follow-up interactions with Dr. Archibald and Mrs. Hull-Jeffers further compounds the lack of transparency surrounding their extended leave.

For many observers and citizens, PM Drew’s silence on these matters is seen as a significant insult, particularly considering the administration’s promises of transparency and accountability during their campaign. The people of St. Kitts and Nevis deserve better, and it is imperative for the government to address these concerns promptly and transparently to restore public trust and confidence.

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