CEO Impressed With Dept. Of Labour’s Efforts To Get Bahamians Employed

NASSAU, 15 November, 2022 — As the government of The Bahamas prepares to host its Labour on the Blocks 2.0 on Grand Bahama this Saturday, a regional recruitment specialist is commending its labour efforts.

“Not only was the last Labour on the Blocks extremely successful, but the Department of Labour has shown that its Online Skills Bank is a reliable, functional and useful tool for jobseekers,” says Joseph Boll, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO. “Plus, the Labour Dept. has taken feedback from the last edition to make improvements this time around, showing it doesn’t just pay lip service to being an efficient operation.

“On top of this, the Bahamian government was also one of few Caribbean countries to make an intentional effort to support employment for people with disabilities over the past few months.”

Boll adds, “In a time where the region is recovering from the pandemic and struggling with job informality, these are great steps in the right direction.”

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At the government’s last Labour on the Blocks 2.0, held in the capital last month, thousands of jobseekers lined up in a queue under the blistering Bahamian sun for the chance to get employed. This was a major pain point for some attendees, who complained about what they called a disorganized entry process; however, Boll commended the Department of Labour for implementing a registration process via QR code this time around to circumvent the same issue.

“This is a great show of innovation on their part,” says Boll, who has long suggested jobseekers and employers leverage technology in the job hunt or recruitment process, respectively, as Caribbean Employment Services Inc. does.

The CEO further noted a similar QR process introduced for a few other jobs on the government’s Online Skills Bank, which he said may well encourage more applicants and also make it easier for workers with disabilities.

Boll continued, “There’s no doubt about it; these labour and employment efforts are moving in the right direction and we look forward to their continued success.”


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