CEO calls for more green economy programmes to help drive jobs

The CEO of a regional recruitment service is touting a new clean energy programme as a major boon for green economy development in the Caribbean, as well as for the thousands of jobs it could bring.

On the heels of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) launching its Global Fellowship Program in Bermuda earlier this year, with a cohort of 20 participants from 12 Caribbean countries, Caribbean Employment Services Inc. CEO Joseph Boll said the future of the green economy looks bright in the region.

Caribbean Employment Services Inc. is a market-leading digital talent acquisition service that aims to connect the top talent from the Caribbean with hiring managers, HR professionals and decision-makers in companies both within the Caribbean as well as abroad. Further, it aims to provide the region’s jobseekers and those who are already employed with news and resources related to Caribbean labour.

“Not just RMI but several international organizations like the World Bank and others have flagged the Caribbean as ripe for growth, development and jobs in the green and blue economies,” said Boll. “Its rich natural resources, proximity to the USA and sensitivity to climate change make it an ideal location for this rapidly-expanding industry.”

Boll is also the CEO of, an affiliate to Caribbean Employment. He noted that industry experts and global non-profits dedicated to sustainable development estimate there could be 100 million jobs in sustainable development in the world by 2030.

“To put that in perspective, there are about 12 million sustainability jobs right now, and by far most of those are in Asia,” Boll added. “But, just given how quickly the green economy is developing — governments, businesses, high-net-worth investors and stakeholders are investing billions of dollars into new, innovative technologies in the industry — the estimate is that jobs will grow by almost 12 times in just seven years.”

Additionally, Boll said a skills gap in the green economy creates new opportunities for business ventures and jobseekers who may otherwise have had difficulty entering the industry, because companies are willing to take a chance on those who may not necessarily have hands-on experience.

This is where initiatives like the Global Fellowship Program are “tremendously” useful to help build skills and line Caribbean countries up to benefit from GDP growth, jobs and investment opportunities as sustainable development plows ahead, the CEO noted.

“It’s really wonderful to see initiatives like this that will help the Caribbean workforce and economy to get its stake in the game,” said Boll. “We hope to see similar programmes in the future and we will continue with our mission to help eligible jobseekers looking to join the green economy find their best career match at Caribbean Employment Services.”


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