The Cayon Community Celebrates Another Senior Milestone

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The Pondt/Jarvis family of Cayon can attest to their extended happiness and blessings as the month of June was a celebratory month for their Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Great Grandmother and Matriarch, Ms. Mary Henrietta Pondt, also known as Henny or Nar. She celebrated her 90th birthday on June 19, 2017.

Mary Henrietta Pondt was born to John and Edith Pondt on June 19, 1927. She was the pride and joy of her parents’ life, as she was the first of seven children.

Her courage, determination and confidence allowed her to realize success in many of her pursuits. Her peers saw in her a resilience and a fighting spirit that was unmatched by any woman in her time. She was fiery in her disposition and also a fierce protector of her family. She backed down from no one and said it as she saw it!

Throughout her life,  Henny has always shared snippets of her childhood experiences with her children, grandchildren, friends, and anyone willing to listen.

As the firstborn of her siblings, Henny had an array of chores to attend to on a daily basis, including delivering milk to Basseterre.  This responsibility required Henny to walk from Cayon by way of St. Peters, and head back to Cayon in time to eat breakfast and get to school.

Henny’s roots in the community run deep.  She is a fixture of the Cayon community whose economic and social contributions have helped to enrich the lives of others, making the community a vibrant and thriving one.

Henny was a Renaissance Woman in many ways. She had an entrepreneurial spirit and was the owner of Evergreen Shop in Upper Cayon for a number of years before relocating her business to Cayon project.

She successfully fed hundreds of school children before the Government of the day introduced a school meals program for the benefit of students in the community.

Henny has been a selfless stalwart in her community who gave her best to Cayon and its environs until she retired. In fact, many regarded Henny as a  “Successful Business Woman.” Hundreds of students of the Cayon High School can attest to the void she filled by providing daily sustenance for them.

On June 19th 2017, Henrietta Pondt celebrated 90 years of her life’s journey. Her family, loved ones and friends are immensely grateful for her long life and the opportunity to celebrate the woman who helped shaped their ideals. She has positively impacted the lives of her offsprings, grandchildren, great grand children, others she helped raise, and the entire Cayon community for that matter.

Let us join the family of Ms. Mary Henrietta Pondt and commend her on the attainment of her 90th birthday. This is a most symbolic honor and we entrust the blessings of God Almighty to grant her health and strength to continue her journey among the living.

“Let us never know what aging is. Let us know the happiness time brings and not count the years.”

Cheers Henny/Nar Pondt. The community of Cayon and the entire nation salutes you!

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