Body Recovered in Guadeloupe Confirmed to be Dominican

Body Identified by Tatoo Shown here

Body Identified by Tatoo Shown here

LES SAINTS, Guadeloupe, (Sep 11 2015):- – A body discovered in the sea near Les Saints by French authorities has been confirmed to be that of a Dominican national.

On Wednesday 9th September 2015, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force called a press conference to solicit the support of the general public in identifying the “badly decomposed” body which was fished out of the sea.

It was feared that the body could be a victim from Dominica who may have been washed out to sea as a result of the passage of Tropical Storm Erika.

Police public relations officer Claude Weekes told the media that preliminary observations of the body revealed that on the right forearm there was a tattoo with a sword and a snake around it and the French authorities forwarded a photograph of the forearm for identification purposes.



Speaking on state-owned DBS Radio on Thursday 10th September 2015, Mr Weekes confirmed that the body was that of a Colihaut resident, Wolfgang Severin, 66, an employee of the Colihaut Quarry who had been reported missing after the storm.

“The information went out and Mr Francis Severin, who is in fact the brother of Wolfgang Severin, came to Police Headquarters and positively identified that tattoo with the snake around what appeared to be the sword to be that of a tattoo similar to what would be printed on his brother’s forearm,” Mr Weekes said.

According to Mr Weekes, Francis Severin also brought two other colleagues; one from Layou and the other from Thibaud, who work in the Colihaut Quarry area and were friends of Wolfgang Severin.

“They positively identified that tattoo that he had as that of Wolfgang Severin,” Mr Weekes said.

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