Best Places to have Outdoor Sex in St. Kitts

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By Iconsolable
Times Caribbean Writer

BASSETERRE; St. Kitts: HAVING Sex in public can be exhilarating and exciting. Whilst some people will refuse to believe it is more exciting than a VR porn experience, others swear by it. Although it may be forbidden for legal purposes, imagine the wonders it can do for your relationship and sex life. It can get your adrenaline pumping and spice things up in your relationship, especially the long-term ones and that’s always a good thing! Now perhaps you are out for the sheer thrill and in need of a place for a quickie.

Of course, it’s important to always be safe, which is why some may prefer to simply read Mafia Romance Novels and other similar works of adult literature in the safety of their own home. There are risks involved with having sex outdoors, but if you’re careful and sensible, there’s nothing wrong with some harmless fun. Whatever your reason for exploring the great outdoors, here are a couple of places/ideas that you can utilize for when it is time for “outside” again!

Frigate Bay Lawn – One of the most convenient yet discreet spots at night or day is right on the main road in Frigate Bay opposite The Strip. You can literally be having sex while watching cars drive by. Of course it is also a very popular area that may easily get you caught but hardly as everyone knows what is up! Quite convenient as well if it’s date night on a Friday night at The Strip and looking for a spot to get down.

Port Zante- Let’s be real. This is one of the most popular spots that can be populated by young people hanging around and liming. But if you have ever truly explored Port Zante you will know that there are convenient spots to get your freak on while admiring the moon.

Bird Rock Hill

Bird Rock Hilltop- Sex on the outdoors can come with some amazing views and this is one of them. Picture a beautiful starry night that overlooks the ocean. However, this venue only accommodates one vehicle at a time so if you are the lucky one to snag this spot first be mindful of other vehicles interrupting your soiree with their bright lights. We recommend staying in your vehicle for this one.

School Yard -What is your fantasy? Perhaps you have desires of dressing up as a naughty nurse or school girl with your husband. There is absolutely nothing wrong with role playing with your partner. How about taking it to the next level and switching up the venue.

At the beach- Beach sex can be pretty romantic. You can carry a bottle of wine to set the mood, a blanket and maybe a bit of soft music. You can also let your love making and the waves crashing to the shore be your melody. We have heard that Majors Bay and Turtle Beach seems to give the most exclusivity for this sort of thrill.

Basseterre Aquifer- Make it a picnic for two. There are tables so spread a blanket and eat as you like! This spot is so convenient and easy to access. Not to mention you can park towards the road view and count vehicles while you count her O’s.

At an event- Some have boasted about doing it at VIP sections of events but what about on the actual dancefloor? Once the area you are in is dark and less frequent by partygoers. Then you and your significant other can be swaying and grinding away to some amazing musical hits camouflaged by your rhythmic moves!

Springfield Cemetry

Your Porch or Backyard- Right outside your home offers a private, safe environment for uncharted adventures. No need to worry about the police catching you as you are on your property but maybe, be careful of your neighbors prying eyes unless you love to be watched! But if your yard is fenced, you can definitely create a secluded area on your porch, flanked by your trees or plants with a loft chair and blankets for added comfort.

Port Zante at Nights

Cemetery – Not for the weak hearted! Now if you scare easily, then the cemetery may not necessarily be the most perfect place for you but if you are not afraid of what lies below, then the cemetery can be an ideal spot for you to get some. It’s private as hardly anyone would be caught walking through the cemetery at nights, you can even play hide and seek if you dare!

Rainforest St.Kitts

Rainforest Hike – Get your wild side on in nature! If you truly love the outdoors and moonlit trysts, then unleashing your inhibitions in the wild should be no ‘biggy’. Picture hiking with a small group on a familiar trail, where it is easy for you and your partner to slip away and truly bond with nature. Don’t worry about the bugs either, “Bad gyal don’t fraid bugs”.

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