BELIZE: Caribbean Chicken Now Certified

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Another Belizean Chicken Producer is now HACCP Certified.  Caribbean Chicken, the Blue Creek Based Operation which has been working on its certification since 2005.  Twelve years, and many hundreds of thousands of dollars later, they were certified by BAHA on May second.  What does that mean for your favorite chicken dish?  Spokesman Ruben Froese (Froze) explained:…

Ruben Froze – Caribbean Chicken
“Well basically with the HACCP certification we’re putting out a guarantee to our customers, to the general public that the product that we put on the market is safe, it has been taken through the proper procedures for human consumption, it’s HACCP approved and BAHA certified. We done in our refrigeration system is  where we’ve invested probably heavily one of the most refrigeration as you know is key, it’s critical to maintaining poultry products. So that is a major investment that we have been doing, in the plant we have been doing appraisal equipment, personnel is another major investment that we’ve been making, we’ve hired personnel to do all the training. Export has always been on the back of our minds, definitely with the HACCP certification it’s coming, it’s materializing right now and it is a potential in the coming years it will be an agenda that we will be pushing.”

Hon. Godwin Hulse – Minister of Immigration
“On the trade side which is part of marketing of course we are already a member and part of the CSME which gives access into the Caribbean and that is very important because the CSME basically made one country out of all 15 of us, I think it’s 15 right Jose? It made one country out of all of us and therefore you can get your product in there, you can transfer your money back, you can do all these things, you can send your people to manage, etc. so that is a good thing. Of course there are what you call non-tariff barriers to trade and countries like to throw those out quickly, one of them is food safety and so this brings that barrier down and that one cannot be used.”

Quality Poultry in Spanish Lookout was HACCP certified in February of this year.

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