Dr. Denzil Douglas led Labour Party continues Anti-Nevis Rhetoric

Dr Terrance Drew presents to a sparse crowd in St Peters


Basseterre, St.Kitts (April 29th 2016):- The resentment of Nevisians by the Dr. Denzil Douglas led SKN Labour Party continues to rear it’s head in the platform rhetoric and utterances of their leaders. In the Party’s most recent Public Meeting held on Thursday evening the nasty anti-Nevis rhetoric continued.


During the meeting held at  St Peters, MP  Konris Maynard said in no uncertain terms, (and I pharaphrase) “that no Nevis Man gone take a boat and stifle the Labour Party” . The statement was directed at Nevisian Deputy Speaker Micheal Perkins and  fell in line with what seems to be an ongoing attack on the people of Nevis by the Douglas Led Opposition Party since the Feb 2015 Elections. The Budgetary support of over $25 million given to Nevis by the federal government in 2015 has been heavily criticized and the action chastised by the Douglas led party. The statement coupled with th\at of MP Maynard no doubt suggests some sort of resentment to the people of Nevis. The so called Love Affair with Nevis by the Douglas Led Party has seemingly disappeared.

The St.Kitts-Nevis Parliament for the first time feature two Nevisians as Speaker and Deputy Speaker in Hon. Franklyn Brand and Hon Micheal Perkins respectively.

The West Basseterre MP Konris Maynard probably delighted the dozens of  persons at the meeting with his declaration regarding Nevisians but his statement certainly does not sit well with right minded Nevisians and Kittitians.

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