Anguillians Celebrate Black History Month in NYC

by Samuel Jones,


The Nationals of Anguilla and Friends turned out at the Beulah Wesleyan Methodist Church at 136th Street, New York, on Sunday 21st February 21, 2016 to celebrate the Anguilla Progressive Association of New York Inc (APANY) 6th Anniversary celebration of Black History month.
The celebration started with a luncheon at 1.30 pm to raise funds for worthy causes in the native home, Anguilla. A small but appreciative guest feats on cuisine with an Anguillan taste. The ginger beer was well worth the attendance.
The concert started at 3.00pm with singing, skits from the Civil Right era, poems about black history and a group of Anguillans from the Brighton Heights Reformed Church in Staten Island, who came to lend their support to the event.

However the audience was blown away by a rendition by young Ariana Hodge who sang a Black Slave Spiritual song “Deep River”. It was a wonderful performance. There was standing ovation from the audience in recognition of her talents and her mastery of the song.
The vote of Thanks was given by Anne Connor, the wife of the President of APANY Carlson Connor-Lloyd. The event came to and fitting end at 6.00 pm.

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