An “unwavering love” keeps this Antiguan girl focused on the Caribbean while in New York!

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By: Staff Writer

January 15, 2021

An Antiguan born socialite living in New York said that her “unwavering love” for the Caribbean keeps her reaching back to help where she can to put a spotlight on the talent on our shores.

Dr Sheila Newton-Moses, founder of the Caribbean Council for Economic Development (CCFED), is an Antiguan born girl that has spent part of her mid teen years to adulthood in the USA.

Dr Newton-Moss, now a citizen of U.S, graduated with a Bachelors, three Master’s degrees, with one including from Columbia University in New York. She earned a Doctorate of Education at Seton Hall, New Jersey where she builds and develops early care and education schools.

She is also a host of after school programs as well as hosts a music academy and much more.

Dr Newton Moss has developed and owned 15 schools in the State of New Jersey. With an impressive record of education, Dr Newton Moses developed and designed and was the Superintendent for her own district in Jersey City. The Second Largest urban city in New Jersey. 

Dr Newton Moss is also a politician having ran for State assemble for the 31st district in New Jersey, receiving a very impressive amount of support from Jersey City and Bayonne, New Jersey.

After founding the CCFED, tasked primarily with serving and addressing small business issues and causes along with assisting and referring services to business and professionals, building up an extensive database in the process and also putting on a new hat as president of Invest Caribbean Now, Dr Newton-Moses has now set her sights on celebrating US vice president elect, Kamala Harris.

Harris, who is a Caribbean-American, with her father being a Jamaican born economist and professor emeritus at Stanford University, is having a party thrown in her honour organised by Dr Newton-Moses with several of the most world renown musicians from around the Caribbean, through her organising vehicle she founded called the Caribbean American Action Network (CAAN).

Speaking about the event, Dr Newton Moses said: “we are looking forward to the event. Calling and engaging dignitaries, speakers, senator’s offices and the like. It is very difficult because of the events here in the USA, but we are working diligently.”

After the inauguration party, Dr Newton-Moses is moving forward to a project she has recently gotten phase one concept approval from the government St. Lucia, called the Caribbean Market Village, which is an authentic tourist luxury project which she claims has been referred too as the “best thing since Sandals in the Caribbean.” The project is still in the developing and funding seeking stage.

Dr Newton Moses, who is a proud mother of a 12 year old, also volunteers her services to a host of charities. From children’s charities, women’s empowerment, health and much more. She also sits on a few boards.

Asked to describe her personality, she says she is “honest, very kind, loyal, dutiful and gracious. I believe in two simple sayings, th first is: ‘The kindest act of live is service,’ by Mother Theresa and the second is ‘First you must believe,’ by Peter Pan. I am humble, brilliant, accomplished, Very educated and have integrity. I am dependable. Many people depend on me.”

She added: “What keeps me interested in the Caribbean Culture and Issues is my unwavering love for the Caribbean. I believe in the fundamental values of my culture, my people, my food, my music. My art works, art and crafts.

“The look, the feel, the taste and smell. My Identity is rooted in my people. My culture, my love. It is the basic for my sense of identity.

Her core beliefs are that she is “dedicated to the preservation of my people,” as she has travelled the world extensively and she says she has “never met any people as rich in goodness like my people. I am a child of paradise. That sums it up there. Can’t get any closer to heaven on earth than the Caribbean. The reason why we all to strive hard to secure and protect our piece of heaven on earth.”

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