Security Camera Surveillance Among Measures To Enhance And Tighten Security At Her Majesty’s Prison

Security Cameras being installed at HMP. Photo by VOSKN

Basseterre, St.Kitts (Tuesday March 7th 2016):- After the recent stunning revelation of hundreds of contraband found within the walls of her Majesty’s Prison , steps are now being taken to enhance the security at the facility. According to media reports  30 security cameras are currently being installed as new Superintendent Junie Hodge takes steps to improve the security at the over century old and grossly over-crowded Prison facility.
The cameras are being placed at various conspicuous as well as inconspicuous points throughout the entire compound including the outside perimeter and vicinity.

Security Cameras being installed at HMP. Photo by VOSKN

Security Cameras being installed at HMP.
Photo by VOSKN

Over the past week 7 More cell phones were found within the prison compound and as recently as Sunday a foil paper containing a quantity of marijuana and tobacco was thrown over the wall by unknown persons. According to reports the contraband was retrieved by alert Prison officers.
With literally hundreds of contraband items found within the prison compound the need for enhanced security measures is obvious. New Superintendent Hodge must be commended for his action oriented pro-active approach towards the management of the Prison.


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