Young Journalist Murdered in Belize


BELIZE CITY, Belize, Jul 07 2015 – Police in Belize City are investigating the murder of journalist Kareem Clarke. He was 27.

Clarke’s body was found near the Vernon Street bridge around one o’clock Monday morning with multiple gunshot wounds to the left side of the forehead, back of the bead, abdomen and the middle of the back.

Police say that their initial investigations reveal that Clarke was riding his bicycle on Vernon Street in the direction of the bridge when he was approached by a man who fired several shots in his direction, fatally injuring him.

Police say they have recovered a total of eight expended shells from the scene of the crime as their investigations continue.

His sister told reporters that Kareem was well-liked and certainly had no enemies who wanted him dead; while his mother, Julia Clarke, indicated that Kareem was not one to report any threats, if any, in his daily life to his family.

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