Watch: Team St.Kitts-Nevis Captain Atiba Harris delivers season-ticket surprise to breast cancer survivor

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Last season, St.Kitts-Nevis National Team Captain and FC Dallas defender Atiba Harris approached the FC Dallas communication staff with a request. He and his wife wanted to pay for a pair of season tickets for dedicated fans who had a personal issue get in the way of their ability to get out to matches.

The communications and ticketing departments worked together and found a perfect couple. Jenny Perez was diagnosed with breast cancer last season and wasn’t able to make it to FC Dallas Stadium as often as she and her husband Thomas would like.

“They sent the link to their story on Facebook, and I watched the video. I actually cried because it was so sad, but it was inspiring at the same time.”

Harris surprised the couple Wednesday with a pair of season tickets. Now, armed with season tickets and with Jenny’s cancer in remission, Jenny and Thomas Perez can be in the stands all season.

“I can’t even find my words or my breath right now, this is an amazing gift to our family,” Jenny Perez said. “It’s overwhelming that there are people out there willing to listen to my story.”

Harris said hearing Jenny Perez’s story made him cognizant that some of the complaints soccer players sometimes have, like a lack of playing time or issues with the starting XI, are pretty insignificant in the big picture.

“I felt I needed to do from the bottom of my heart,” he said. “This is real life. People are out there, people not here with us today, but we’re fortunate we’re in the position where we actually can go out and do whatever we want.”

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