WATCH: “I Love St.Kitts-Nevis More Than I Love Myself !” says Atiba Harris

“It’s full time now that we believe in our own people and believe in ourselves. St.Kitts-Nevis have the talent but we need to work together as one people.”

“I Love St.Kitts-Nevis More Than I Love Myself !” These were the final words in a statement issued via Social Media by Team St.Kitts-Nevis Football Captain Atiba Harris.

Harris has led the St.Kitts-Nevis team to probably it’s most successful run in World Cup Qualifying. Despite a 2-2 draw against El Salvador last evening at he Warner Park in St.Kitts the team remains in contention for a Group Stage berth. There is little doubt that the Sugar Boyz played very well against the 89th Ranked El Salvador. In fact had it not been for a uncharacteristic error by Atiba  Harris himself in the first half the Sugar Boyz would’ve likely had the better of the South American team.

That mistake is what may have precipitated the passionate and patriotic statement by Harris.

The statement reads “ As the Captain of the St.Kitts-Nevis Senior Football Team I’m considered the leader of the country for any given 90 min of football and I’ll always take on this responsibility with great pride. I’m not just a lover of football, I’m in love with St.Kitts-Nevis. I will die for my country. I’ve been living abroad for over 10 years because of what I chose to do as a career but SKN is where my heart is and those who know me will know that.”

Harris referenced the error that cost the Sugar Boyz the first goal . He acknowledged the error but praised his team for an exceptional performance despite the 2-2 draw.

Harris said “Many see my defensive error as the only thing that happened in the game. This is football and it’s a game of mistakes and moments of brilliance so when I look back at this game, I saw a team that played together for 90. We made 2 crucial mistakes and had 2 moments of brilliance and came away with a result. Is it the end of the world, NO but many are stuck in their ancient ways and think it is… “

The 30 year old MLS Player implored his fellow citizens to believe in themselves and to work together as one people In unity.

“It’s full time now that we believe in our own people and believe in ourselves. St.Kitts-Nevis have the talent but we need to work together as one people. For a country our size in terms of population, many are looking for self praise and power. How many of you will go out of your way and buy a local businessman’s product whether it be music, clothes etc but you claimed that you love SKN. We talk about youths killing each other and it’s bad for the country but how many of you take time out to reason and try to understand these youths,” Harris stated

“I could go on and on but I’ll end with this… I love St.Kitts-Nevis more than I love myself and that’s real talk,” concluded Harris

St.Kitts-Nevis drew with El Salvador with Romaine Sawyers and Olando Mitcham scoring for St.Kitts-Nevis and Irving Herrera and Bonilla scoring for El Salvador

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