WATCH: House Hunters International – Loving Every Bit of St Kitts

House Hunters International S62E02 – Loving Every Bit of St Kitts

House Hunters was originally hosted/narrated by Suzanne Whang. In 2008 the show was narrated by Colette Whitaker. The current narrator Andromeda Dunker began voicing the show in 2009. The program follows individuals couples or families searching for a new home with the assistance of a realtor. Each broadcast features three properties, one of which is selected by the prospective buyer, whose offer generally is accepted by the seller. In the final moments of the show, the new owner provides a tour of the house revealing what changes and/or improvements if any were made after moving in. Some of these homebuyers are able to meet the requirements for the seller’s price by using real estate companies that use the ‘We Buy Houses‘ service where they buy homes and give them cash quickly so they can afford the downpayment, or they match current sellers with home buyers willing to pay the price-point of the home, freeing them up to buy another home. Buying homes is certainly an art in the real estate business.

Many people moving here may love the sunshine and beaches, but it’s not possible to spend all day in the heat. That’s why so many house hunters look for homes with air conditioning and shaded verandas to sit out on and cool off during the hot evenings. Click here to contact an AC installation specialist if you’ve recently moved to a new home that you’re finding too hot. New homeowners often make these changes to a house as soon as they can after moving in so that it’s comfortable for their living arrangements. It’s important to try and look past the things that a house is missing when you’re house hunting, and instead look at the potential it has for meeting your needs in the future.

St Kitts is the perfect place for many people to move to. Whether you’re just starting a family or you’re retiring, you’ll find plenty of beautiful houses that you can make your own.

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