Vulnerable Unemployed and Ultra Poor Left Out of $1000 Reset Initiative

In a recent announcement, Prime Minister and Minister of Social Security, Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew unveiled a $1000 bonus for contributors to the Social Security Fund, including pensioners and actively employed workers. This initiative, part of the Government’s fortieth-anniversary independence RESET program, targets those who have made a minimum of 26 contributions since January 2019.

However, the program’s eligibility criteria have raised concerns. The bonus exclusively benefits residents of Saint Kitts and Nevis who are actively employed or drawing a pension, leaving out the unemployed, underemployed, and non-active workers, many of whom fall under the category of ultra-poor citizens. These individuals, arguably the most in need of a financial reset, will not benefit from this government stimulus.

Unlike other initiatives, no additional registration or information submission is required. Payments will be facilitated through the same banking details used for CBI dividend disbursements. The first batch of payments will start appearing in pensioners’ local bank accounts this week, with subsequent batches to follow until all eligible workers receive their bonus.

For further inquiries, individuals can contact the Social Security Board at 869 465 2535 or 869 469 5245, or reach out via WhatsApp at 869 662 8479, 869 667 2535, 869 668 2545, or 869 669 2545. This initiative’s exclusionary nature underscores the need for a more inclusive approach to economic recovery, particularly for those on the fringes of the labor market.

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