UK Advisory Warns British Nationals About Travelling to Tobago

Murdered Couple Richard and Grace Wheeler

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Murdered Couple Richard and Grace Wheeler

Murdered Couple Richard and Grace Wheeler

One of the UK’s biggest and most informative websites is warning its nationals to maintain a high level of security and awareness when visiting Tobago.

In its ‘Foreign Travel Advice’ section, GOV.UK said most visits to Tobago are trouble free, but tourists, including British nationals, have been robbed.

The Advisory published on Thursday came on the heels of Monday’s double murder of British national and prominent lawyer, Richard Wheeler, and his Trinidad-born wife, Grace.

In its Summary, the Advisory stated: “A British national was murdered in the Riseland area of Tobago in October 2015; Safety and security section – if possible, use hotel or pre-booked taxis with set fares.”

It also referred to the murder of two German tourists in November 2014.

The Advisory continued that the inability of the authorities to catch and prosecute offenders remains a concern and cautioned UK visitors to Tobago to maintain the same level of security awareness as they would in the UK and to ensure their living accommodation is secure.

It said that petty theft from cars is common and villas, particularly those in isolated areas, should have adequate security, including external security lighting, grilles and overnight security guards.

Some of the areas blacklisted in the Advisory include beaches such as Englishman’s Bay, King Peter’s Bay and Bacolet beach unless they are in an organised group.

The article concluded that UK visitors should be vigilant at all times and carry a mobile phone with roaming capability for use in emergency.

The double murder of the Wheelers is currently being investigated by a high profile police team.

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