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The Nevis Tourism Authority launches a series of activities to celebrate World Meditation Day on May 21

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 — Charlestown, Nevis — If you’re dreaming of being in a Caribbean setting; liming and listening to the sea as it laps against the sand, taking in the whistles of tropical birds as they talk from tree to tree, and rising to the sounds of the nighttime crickets chirping as the sun makes its way above the ocean, then the Caribbean island of Nevis has just the solution to transport you to paradise, with ten minutes of soothing sounds of meditation to center your mind.

To celebrate World Meditation Day, the Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) has launched a series of activities that aim to support stressed-out consumers in strengthening the conscious mind through natural sounds of the island, offering a sense of calm, through natural sounds, encouraging us to step away from computer screens and ‘just be’.

Offered complimentarily on the Nevis Tourism Authority’s InstagramFacebook and YouTube channels, a serene and entirely unique meditation video has been curated from the natural sounds of the island – encompassing sounds of singing birds (including the islands Pearly-eyed Thrasher and the Zenaida Dove), chirruping crickets, the ambient noise of the ocean and the soft whistle of the calming breeze. Visitors to the channels are encouraged to download the sounds for use during their own meditation sessions, allowing each person to connect to the beautiful island of Nevis.

Jadine Yarde, CEO of the Nevis Tourism Authority stated: 

“The past year has been a challenging one for many and on this island, we are aware that we are so very privileged to have access to natural sounds that individuals often pay to download and listen to. World Meditation Day is a fantastic opportunity for us to share a piece of Nevis with people and offer the gift of meditation, transporting them away mentally, when it’s currently not physically possible to get away.”

In addition to the sounds available on Nevis’ social channels, the island’s Wellness Facilitator, Charmaine Howell, will host a guided meditation session at 10AM EST this World Meditation Day. The 10-minute guided session is available for all levels and will be available on the Nevis Tourism Authority’s Facebook page.

“I am a firm believer in the wholesome benefits that meditation brings. Regular meditation can help to relieve stress, improve clarity and deepen self-awareness among countless other benefits. Especially in current times, meditation helps to reduce anxiety and increase calmness and mindfulness, which many of us need, and now more than ever. Learning to focus the mind is an important skill, which is never too early to be taught, and I’m honored to be able to introduce this to the young people of Nevis,” Howell said.

Nevis has recently launched its wellness program and supporting campaign, which highlights the vast variety of wellness activities that visitors can enjoy while on the island, including spa experiences, healthy and fresh local produce, yoga and meditation sessions, guided hikes, and a trip to soak in the thermal baths. Coming up on May 29th is a Beach Meditation and Cardio Work-Out Session in the historical Hamilton/Nelson Spring area, a collaboration between the NTA and the Nevis Health Promotion Unit’s “Fitness in the Tropics” (FITT) program. The meditation session will be guided by noted wellness practitioner Myra Jones, while popular fitness instructor Adelvin Phillip will lead the beach cardio workout.

As an island that boasts a relaxed lifestyle, a naturally picturesque backdrop, and most importantly an above-average life expectancy, Nevis is the perfect destination to demonstrate the power of calm. The Nevis Tourism Authority encourages its guests to adopt the relaxed and considered way of living, to allow for an authentic and revitalizing experience when on the island.

For travel and tourism information on Nevis, visit the Nevis Tourism Authority website at or email us at; feel free to follow NevisNaturally on Instagram (@nevisnaturally), Facebook (@nevisnaturally), YouTube (nevisnaturally) and Twitter (@nevisnaturally).

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