Timoy Henry situation troubles Dr. Alexander. UNITY Gov’t Offers Financial Assistance

Dr. Garfield Alexander, Timoy T-bush Henry just after being accidentally shot, Hon. Eugene Hamilton Minister of Health and Social Affairs


BASSETERRE, ST.KITTS – One of the Federation’s popular physicians is troubled by the circumstances which resulted in the gunshot injury of athlete Timoy Henry.

Under the heading “shared perspective,” Dr. Garfield Alexander used his social media page on facebook to express his feelings regarding the situation of young National Athlete Timoy Henry.

Dr. Alexander said there is only one thing that keeps him up at night lately.

“It’s not an issue concerning my family, my friends or myself, but it plagues my mind before sleep and wakes me at mornings. I am deeply saddened and disturbed by the incident/fiasco/lawlessness that occurred on the night of June 25th at the Frigate Bay “Strip” where a young son/man/ [national athlete] was shot,” lamented  Dr. Alexander.

“What is preventing justice? What is to happen to IBUSH? The young man unbelievable is in great spirits and he, unlike most is most grateful for having survived and being alive. He seemingly guards no animosity and is a source of constant positivity,’ wrote the Cuban-trained physician, who further asked: “Who champions his cause? Who will make IBUSH a priority?”

“So as much as I am distracted by personal problems, work, friends, “Black Lives Matter”, Trump and his wife, medical ethics…this is the only issue that looms over my conscience,” said Dr. Alexander .

“When will we know for sure the results of the ‘investigation’? When will IBUSH be seen by a neurologist?” Dr. Alexander asked.

Henry, while attending an event at the popular Frigate Bay strip was accidentally shot in the neck by an off duty police constable nearly a month ago and underwent surgery to have the bullet removed.
He needs further surgery overseas to prevent complete loss of his right arm

The government of national UNITY of St.Kitts-Nevis has provided TIMOY with an initial level of financial assistance to the tune of $13,500 through the Ministry of Social Services. Timoy expressed his gratititude to the Ministry of Social Services for their assistance in a recent interview on Freedom FM, It is expected that should he require further assistance the Team UNITY Administration Cabinet will

Henry’s sister, a bone specialist at the J N France General Hospital, has indicated that   if the athlete is not sent overseas very soon for treatment for the nerve and bone damage caused by the bullet, his arm could be permanently paralyzed.


“My arm is on fire. The nerves are just digging in my hand; sometimes I can’t even get to sleep. Sometimes I go from night to morning, no sleep,” he said.


Henry’s family have also officially sought assistance from the Police High Command. As a National Athlete it is likely that he may also receive assistance from his Athletic Federation SKNAAA as well as the SKNOC.

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  1. Are the ppl of skb sleeping u hardly find ppl even commenting on these situations not one comment lowd man everybody heartless so most news has comments skb news jus one or 2 wow but I sure the streets has the most gossips

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