Team UNITY Government Announces Continued Assistance for CFB Students under REACH Programme


Basseterre, St.Kitts (April 4th 2016):-The Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris led Team UNITY Cabinet has announced that assistance for CFB Students under the REACH (Recognizing Everyone’s Ability to Climb Higher) programme will continue while the programme goes under review.
In a Post Cabinet Briefing issued On April 2nd it was announced that Cabinet considered the findings of a committee set up by the Ministry of Education to examine a range of support systems in place to the Education Sector. The Cabinet noted in particular the committee’s findings that there were fundamental weaknesses in the way the REACH (Recognizing Everyone’s Ability to Climb Higher) programme was introduced and formulated in the run up to the 2015 General Elections. It requested that the committee further examine and advise it on the nature and extent of support to be provided to secondary and tertiary educational institutions in St. Kitts and Nevis.

The Team UNITY Administration determined that the CFB Year Two students under the REACH Programme shall receive the continued assistance while the programme is being reviewed. The budget for this is expected to be over two (2) million Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollars.
Recognising Everyone’s Ability to Climb Higher (REACH) is a program designed to assist graduates of secondary schools and tertiary institutions in St Kitts and Nevis through the provision of scholarships, grants and stipends, and facilitates access to advanced level education and vocational and professional training, including life and work skills.
The Opposition Dr. Denzil Douglas Led Labour Party and their supporters have falsely accused the government of scrapping the programme and abandoning students .

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