St.Lucia Prime Minister Chastanet Calls for International Agreement on Deportees

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PM wants global agreement on deportees



(St.Lucia Times) Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has called for an international agreement on the issue of criminal deportees, asserting that the matter should be discussed at the level of the United nations.

He stated that he would do as much lobbying as he can on the matter, asserting that the discussion has already started.

Chastanet said that the United States is using the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) agreement to deport people to their countries of origin.

“I am pretty sure that when we signed the ICAO agreement it was not with that in mind,” the former Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister told reporters.

He said the intent was that if someone visited another country with incorrect documentation, the country of origin would be obligated to receive the person back.

“But the fact that somebody would go and spend in excess of thirty years in a country, make it a home, pay taxes, become legal in come cases – all those things and then all of a sudden simply because you were born in Saint Lucia that all of a sudden you would repatriate them, I am not so sure that the current  ICAO act covers that,” Chastanet told reporters.

He spoke of the need to push collectively at the United Nations to get a special international agreement to deal with deportees.

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