St.Kitts’ World Famous Frigate Bay Strip Upgrade will Focus on Infrastructure Improvement while Maintaining Unique Local Charm

Lindsay Grant-New Frigate Bay Strip




Minister of Tourism the Hon. Lindsay Grant used his social media page over the weekend to release the artists rendition of the proposed $7million Upgrade of the world famous Entertainment Area and Visitor attraction the Frigate Bay Strip .

Hon Grant revealed the video rendition of the proposed new Frigate Bay Strip design. The Minister of Tourism indicated that the upgrade of the extremely popular night spot will be focused on infrastructure and other improvements

“The Frigate Bay Strip Upgrade Project will focus on major infrastructure
improvements including sewage treatment, improved drainage, roads,
parking, entrance features and boardwalks. It will also include upgrades
to both the lighting and security on the Strip,” said Hon. Grant


In unveiling the artistes Video rendition of the new Fridate Bay Strip the Hon Minister of Tourism Lindsay Grant pointed out that the artists rendition dooes not cover all aspects of the Frigate Bay Strip Upgrade.

“The  development and upgrade is reprented in the artists rendition and do not cover all aspects of the Frigate Bay Strip Upgrade,” said Minister Grant

“Instead it is a draft concept of how the roads, parking and
boardwalk area will work for flow of traffic,” continued  Minister Tourism Grant .

Minister Grant indicated that the Frigate Bay Strip local charm and visitor appeal will remain as none of the existing businesses will be removed akthough however the owners will be encouraged to upgrade and enhance their respective businesses

“The buildings in the drawing are not representative of what will be there. The Frigate Bay Strip Upgrade Project does not include the refurbishment of any existing
buildings or the construction of any new buildings, with the exception of
the new bathroom facilities,” stated Minister Grant

“ The existing buildings currently on the Frigate Bay Strip will remain the same, although owners will be encouraged to refurbish and repaint their buildings,” Minister Grant concluded.

The  upgrades at the Strip  have been a longtime coming and certain to be welcomed by tourists and the business owners and employees who depend on the Strip for their livelihood.

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