St.Kitts’ Nicha B and Trinidad and Tobago’s Precision Productions have the “FEELINGS”


New Soca Sensation Nicha B and Trinidad and Tobago Hit Production Factory Precision have teamed up for another classic soca anthem for 2016. “FEELINGS” brings together the St.Kitts Groovy Soca Sensation and Soca Monarch Nicha B and Hit production house Precision. The Soca Anthem was released in Mid March and in days has caught the imagination and attention of Soca lovers worldwide and is making Nicha B a much sort after act and household name in the Caribbean region and soca industry.

Nicha B teamed up with Precision Productions who are described as young production team with an old knowledge of music and production. The team is based in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, which has collectively amassed just about 20 years in studio time and work experience. So in addition to having the expertise in working with conventional audio production techniques, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to assume that team has kept abreast with modern music making technologies such as PC and Mobile DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The latter has gained in popularity in recent years among music makers, podcast producers and content creators, given how easy and intuitive it is to use touch controls as opposed to working the same functions with a keyboard and mouse.

The company’s resume reads as a who’s who in the local, regional, and international musical arenas. From Grammy award winner, Chaka Khan, celebrated regional artists Machel Montano and Tessanne Chin, to R&B superstars Carl Thomas and Toni Braxton, the Precision team has garnered work experience in Trinidad, Jamaica, New York, and Los Angeles.

In addition, their productions have won them multiple prestigious International Carnival awards and at times a top three sweep in competitions in Trinidad, Grenada, St. Lucia, Antigua, and St. Kitts/Nevis.

For the young entrepreneurs, 2012 undeniably stood out as a benchmark year, as their music practically swept the International Soca Awards with 11 nominations, and 6 outright wins. This was along with their music productions attaining 6 unique placements on MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules, two very popular television series which are aired worldwide.

With Precision’s present growth and influence in the Soca industry it would be easy to overlook their incredible abilities in other genres of music, as well as in other music-based industries.

However, the company has taken its dynamic energy and relentless drive into multiple genres, such as Calypso, Reggae, R&B, Gospel, Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Chutney-Soca, and Dance music.

It has also gained commercial and corporate success with innovative advertising campaigns for clients such as local communications conglomerate bmobile, regional communications and media giant Lime, and the internationally renowned brand Coca Cola.

These endeavours have synced quite well with Precision’s budding merchandizing and event management business ventures as well as its now thriving publishing arm.

Their collobaration with the rising upcoming soca star Nicha B speaks volumes of the confidence and potential the much awarded and regarded production team has in the young St.Kitts artiste. Nicha B has been a long time performer in St.Kitts with a plethora of local hits in a variety of genres including reggae, dancehall, hip hop, r and b and calypso. However it is his dabble in soca music that has catapulted him into soca stardom. His massive hit “Can’t Wait” was the anthem of the 2016 St.Kitts Sugar Mas and easily earned him the Groovy Monarch Title. The song was by far the biggest hit from the island probably in the history of the country St.Kitts-Nevis. According to St.Kitts entertainment historians the song has gained more regional and international airplay and recognition than probably but arguably any other St.Kitts-nevis produced song in history.

In speaking to the collaboration Precision Productions had this to say “Although Carnival in T&T and St. Kitts is over soca music production must continue. We’re happy to have worked with The Groovy Soca Monarch Champion of St. Kitts, Nicha B. Nicha B adds his creative sound to this “ª#”ŽPrecision2016music.”

Take a listen to “FEELINGS” by Nicha B

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