St.Kitts-Nevis Youth Excited about Opposition Team UNITY’s announcement of Reduction in Student Loans and Low Income House Payments Initiative at Massive Youth Rally



The Molyneux Basketball Court was alive and a buzz with not only the fabulous display and performances of the Home Grown Talent of St.Kitts-Nevis but also the recently announced initiative by Team UNITY Leader Dr.Timothy Harris to Lower payments on student loans as well as reduce the mortgage payments currently being paid by Low Income House Owners.

Thousands of young people turned out to the Opposition Alliances Youth Rally in the constituency of the Leader Dr. Timothy Harris, to see some of the islands top local Talent including Nicha B, Hi-Light, I-Mark, Jah Fire , Big Lice, BBM , Sugar Band and many others. Along with Hosts Sandra B , Calypso Reggie and Cutter. The performers were well received and performed exceptionally. The young people were frenzied by the performances of their very own home grown local talent.

The crowd was even more excited as discussions among the thousands In attendance began to center around the Team UNITY recently announced policy of lowering Student Loan Payments and Reducing Low Income House Mortgages. Two initiatives that have excited young people even more about the historic new Team UNITY Government.

Dr.Harris told a large audience at a recent Townhall Meeting that the last batch of houses built by the Dr. Denzil Douglas government , was too small and too expensive for the poor people, for whom they were intended.

Harris said “Imagine that you are working for minimum wage and your government promises you an affordable income house, would you expect to be paying $600 plus, $700 plus, $800 plus out of your small minimum wage? This is unacceptable especially when those homes are incomplete- no tiles, no cupboards, no paints and inadequate fixtures. Team Unity is committed to provide our people with homes that they could pay for and living spaces about which they and their children can be proud.”
With regards to the payments on Student Loans, Dr Harris said, “Tertiary level participation provides the crucial platform for development. It is therefore imperative that our country not only invest in the studies and training of our young but it is also important for our talented and skilled sons and daughters to return home. We must incentivise their studies and we will bring them back home not to be marginalized but to be our managers and owners.”

Harris discussed this point with thousands of Young People at the Youth Rally while interacting with the massive crowd.

Recent Don Anderson Polls has shown a 70% favourabilty rating for Dr. Harris as the next Prime Minister and the Team UNITY Opposition Alliances as the heavily favoured to take the next elections.

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