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BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, November 23, 2018 (Press Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister) – Citizens and residents of St. Kitts and Nevis used Friday’s (November 23) edition of WINN FM’s “Voices” radio programme to express their support and confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris.
Prime Minister Harris is this month, celebrating his 25th anniversary of service to the people as a Parliamentarian. His appearance on today’s radio programme was one of the activities organized as part of the celebrations. 
One caller to the programme, identified as Sylvene Henry, said Prime Minister Harris’ humility and willingness to listen to the concerns of ordinary persons must be commended.
“I had actually criticized him on the radio over some action between the Marriott and farmers,” Ms. Henry said, while recalling a past exchange she had with the Prime Minister. “I was most impressed when he met me along Princes Street [in Basseterre] and stopped to explain to me why he made the statement. Now, that is quite opposite to most politicians – you criticize, they put up a wall of defence and they attack, rather than listen – and I was impressed from that point, and since becoming the Prime Minister I am quite impressed with his spirit of humility and his willingness to say ‘I was wrong’.”
Another caller described Dr. Harris as a world leader “because you have the qualification and the statute of a statesman.” Speaking directly to the Prime Minister, the same caller said, “The country is going good, very, very good because when we consider where you pulled the country from in such a short period of time that is something that should be commended.”   
One national living abroad phoned in to congratulate Prime Minister Harris and his Team Unity administration for the good work being done on behalf of the people, adding, “This government is a loving, caring, sharing and helping government…so you keep up the good works and as they say, one good term deserves a next.”
Another caller expressed his pleasure in the programmes and policies introduced by the Team Unity Government that are geared towards improving the standard of living of citizens and residents.
“I want to congratulate you and commend you for all the wonderful things you’ve been doing. When I saw that you reached out to the folks whose houses got damaged, and if you look at it the stuff [building materials] were bought from local businesses, so the money is going back in the economy. You budget to do Old Road Bay, the island main road and those project roads and these are three things that were just left [by the former administration] like there was no solution,” the caller said.
The Honourable Prime Minister thanked the radio callers for their kind words of appreciation for his service, and the service of the Team Unity administration.
Dr. Harris added, “The truth is there is no other government, neither in this region nor in the entire world in my view, that can put forward the kind of accomplishments which are people-centered, in that they impact upon ordinary people in the manner in which we have done, and for that again I say ‘To God be the Glory!”

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