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St.Kitts-Nevis Youth and Sports Ambassador His Excellency Jonel Powell has reiterated his support for the decriminilasation of Marijuana aka Ganja. Many other countries have already done so and are reaping the benefits, such as how you can go to a canada weed dispensary either online or in person for the product to help with medical issues across the country. In a recent interview Ambassador Powell expressed his support for the points made by many pro marijuana advocates that the pros of marijuana and the benefits derived far outweigh any possible negative impacts the plant may have. At this time many citizens are already partaking in marijuana thanks to the availability from online services such as weed-crew, and whilst there is no shame in this there are currently legal issues that make it a grey issue for the country. Ambassador Powell is not the first in his region to support the move for legalization; the support is reaching the levels where people are speculating if maybe some time in the future St. Kitts-Nevis will be able to benefit from the likes of a CBDfx coupon to decrease the pricing of the medicine, as the USA is doing. The ruling Team UNITY Central Basseterre Candidate for the upcoming St.Kitts-Nevis Elections also lauded the leadership of Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris and the Team Unity administration for their full facilitation of the Marijuana Commission which was established by CABINET and was mandated to accomplish a number of objectives including: (1) To conduct a situational analysis and explore the latest evidence regarding the legal, medical, social, economic and religious implications of the use and abuse of marijuana and its derivatives; (2) To engage all the people of the Federation through town hall meetings and focus group discussions (3) To share the facts and latest evidence regarding the medical, social and economic implications of marijuana use and; (4) To ascertain the position of Citizens, Residents on these complex issues.

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