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Tishauna Syder-Jenkins, Events Specialist

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 02, 2020 (SKNIS): In celebration of Plastic Free July, the Ministry of Tourism along with the St. Kitts Sustainable Destination Council is holding a number of activities in order to bring awareness to plastic pollution and how persons can eradicate it here in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Appearing on Wednesday’s (July 01) edition of “Working for You”, Tishauna Syder-Jenkins, Events Specialist in the Ministry of Tourism, highlighted some of the activities planned. She noted that the ministry wanted to get more youths involved in the sustainable use of plastics.

Mrs. Jenkins stated that one of the biggest activities that the ministry has launched in the first week is the Spotted Campaign. She noted that persons have taken steps to reduce single use plastics over the years.

“We notice that some businesses have already taken the initiative to incorporate biodegradable items such as paper straws, paper bags, food containers, utensils. …Persons have also been bringing their own container to restaurants. This is why we decided to launch this campaign. We want to give recognition to these individuals and establishments who have made these changes,” she said.

She encouraged persons to highlight the sustainable efforts of these businesses or if they have a family member or friend who is doing so. Mrs. Jenkins said that persons can highlight them by mentioning them by using the hashtags #spotted, #plasticfreeskn, #shareifyoucare #plasticbegone2020.

The ministry, through these activities, also wants to show how persons can recycle their plastics.

“There is a term ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ So, we decided to make a DIY Tutorial where we showcase one of our local entrepreneurs. Vincia Creations repurposed and made some jewelry out of a simple Clorox bottle. The video is basically intended to get our residents to be more creative instead of just taking the plastic bottle and disposing of it. Take it and repurpose it into something good,” she said.

Mrs. Jenkins stated that young persons are fond of social media and trending right now is Tik Tok.

“We wanted to engage the youths more so we are going to have a Tik Tok Challenge for everyone to take part,” she said. “What we are going to encourage persons to do is to record themselves at scenes around the island. Maybe they want to go to the beach, to the restaurants, to a supermarket, but just showcasing how they are being sustainable by walking with their bag, their own container, or using a stainless steel straw. Just make it fun.”

The DJ Mix “Who’s Next” will be used for the challenge and will be launched on July 09.

Ms. Jenkins said that there is a game that persons can play online that is similar to the popular game “Where is Waldo”.

“We came up with the Recyclable Bunch. We have Ms. Baggy who is the mother, Mr. Bottley, the father, Mugs, the son, Sippy the Straw, the daughter,” she said. “Each week, we will post a picture on our social media page St. Kitts Sustainable Destination Council on Facebook and on Instagram and allow persons to look at the picture and try to pick out the items. The first person to answer correctly will win a sustainable item.”

This can be played every week starting from July 10.

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