St.Kitts Island Rapper Mod Stoney making waves with “How You Mean”.

Mod Stoney definitely brings some new flavor to the Hip Hop world. His combination of Hip Hop Beats with Dancehall style deliveries and phrasing along with the distinct island flavor makes Mod Stoney as the hot new flavor in the world of DANCEHALL and HIP HOP. The Island Rapper hails from St.Kitts in the Caribbean which undoubtedly influenced his unique rap styling. Hip Hop publication “Hot New Hip Hop featured the Island Rapper in a recent piece “He has the raps to put Saint Kitts on the map, and “How You Mean” will hopefully get him the exposure he deserves.”


Heatseekers went on to state that Because of his  Caribbean location, Mod Stoney has a clear dancehall influence in his raps, but any hip-hop fans will readily digest the fiery bars he has to offer. Local dancehall artist Rodney also goes hard on the track, and the duo makes us wanna hear a lot more outta the tiny island of Saint Kitts.

Here are a few Quotable Lyrics from his Hit Track “How You Mean ?”

Quotable Lyrics

Ya got the ganja? How ya mean?

Ya got the rapper? How da fuck ya mean?

Ya got the lighter? How ya mean?

Ball up, now party, then we smoke the green

Music Industry insiders on St.Kitts have indicated that Stoney is likely to be invited to perform on the annual St.Kitts Music Festival . The SK music Fest is the biggest International music festival on the island and one of the three major festivals in the Caribbean along with the St.Lucia Jazz and the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Fest.

Mod Stoney is definitely one to look out for as he strives to put what is being described as “ Island Rap” on the world scene

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