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Kenroy Tobias



Basseterre, St.Kitts (February 11th, 2018) :- The St.Kitts-Nevis Amateur Basketball Association is in a state of uncertainty and some may say sailing rudderless as the basketball governing body is currently without a legitimate executive. The most recent executive led by President Kenroy Romel Tobias was elected on January 29th 2014 for a 4 year term. That term expired on January 29th 2018. As of February 11th no statement or memo has been issued by anyone which speaks to when a General Meeting will be held and a new executive elected.

SKNABA has seen a dive over the last few years under the leadership of Kenroy Tobias. The sport has struggled with regular season attendance and overall league management. As well as a complete lack of transparency regarding the Associations finances. Despite participating in a number of regional tournaments Tobias and his executive have yet give a report to the clubs regarding the National Teaam’s participation in the various tournaments as well as the entire last year and or season of activities which are normally reported on during General Meetings.  Contrary to the constitution no General Meeting has been summoned for the entire 2017 season. The last GM was held prior to the start of the 2017 League. No meeting has been convened since.  Currently in February when the Junior League normally begins no General Meeting has been called to chart the way forward for the new season. In the meantime as indicated earlier President Tobias’ Term has officially expired.  According to many sources in recent years the executive under Tobias’ leadership had become highly dysfunctional and largely inactive. This was compounded by what many described as Tobias’ antagonistic relationship with many clubs and key leaders in the basketball fraternity.  In recent months St.Kitts-Nevis was not included in the world rankings despite the presence on the ranking by neighbors Monsterratt, Antigua and the BVI. This is seen by many as an indictment on the SKNABA.

With Basketball arguably at it’s lowest ebb in over a decade a desperate call has been made for new competent and vibrant leadership. A number of names have been thrown around as persons who may have the leadership quality and competence to take the association and the sport to new heights. Former Minister of Sports and Basketball Legend Glen “Ghost” Phillip

Glen Ghost Phillip

has been touted by many in basketball circles as the ideal candidate to lead SKNABA moving forward. Phillip as the former Sports Minister has developed relationships within the sporting fraternity locally, regionally and internationally. It is widely felt by most within the basketball fraternity that Phillip along with a competent team is what the sport requires to move forward.

There are a number of critical issues that a new President and executive must address urgently. These issues include Officiating, Sponsorship and Grassroots Development .

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