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Charlie Pemberton



Basseterre, St.Kitts (Jan 3rd 2017): Well Known Businessman and Photographer Charlie Pemberton is blasting the St.Kitts-Nevis Labour Party and describing the organisation as a “Nasty Bunch of Guys !”.  Pemberton used social media to air his concern and disdain of the Labour Party over there refusal to pay him for work done during the 2015 Election Campaign. In a post made to facebook on Wednesday 3rd January  Pemberton declared  “DAY 1096 STILL WAITING FOR ME PAY FROM THE LABOUR PARTY !”

This followed a post made two days earlier where Pemberton outlined in some detail the Job he was hired to do by the party and had successfully and satisfactorily completed. The social media post stated

 This is not something that i wanted to do but have to do.It was 3 years ago on new years day while still in bed Nigel Carty call me to take some photos of the candidates for the up coming election, it was the 8 labour candidates and the 3 nrp candidates i was very much surprise that they call me because photos was already out so when i ask he told me they did not like them and wanted to take new ones.the photoshoot was cancel twice because they want to see the carnival so we did it on the next working day,i went to goverment headquarters with my equipment and did the 8 labour candidates a few days later the 3 nrp candidates came to me studio to take theirs.For the next few weeks i did many shoots in st.kitts and nevis for the campaign. I grow up surround wirh a labour family and friends my father charlie Gumbs my mom Maisie Pemberton big labour people and and Carlos Gumbs my brother who i went all over with campaigning for cedric liburd.Did i mention that new calypso monach is my niece that is a bigger labour than many of them.if anybody had tell me that the labour party is a heartless good for nothing party ill a tell them they wrong, but the hardest thing is to know and now i know that they are heartless good for nothing without even i ounce of love in they heart.up untill this day they dont want pay for my services i tired beg is like they want me to forget it how can a self employ person just forget something like and to make it worst is muts change that they can close there eyes and pay with all the millions they have all am asking for is please pay me for my work i done work so pay me i know u all dot have no love or no heart at at least when a work pay him am not begging Marcella Liburd you came to my house many times sit down and chat with my mom she wont be sleeping in peace knowing the party the rally for is treating her son like that. please pay me i have bills to pay children to feed.”


AU Browne another Business owner and well known supporter and activist of the SKN Labour Party supported Pemberton’s outcry and expressed similar concerns regarding the Opposition Party. Browne used social media to highlight Pemberton’s issue and indicated that he to had similar issues with the Labour Party. In his response in support of Pemberton,  Browne posted the following on his Facebook PageSadly for sometime I’ve been feeling the same way. It’s a shame. In my case, In march last year the treasurer made an agreement to pay off the debt in ten months, which wouldhave been at the end of last year. He then paid only half of the monthly installment and nothing else. Unless I get paid I will not be supporting them again. You can’t treat your supporters with disdain and expect their support.


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