SKN Opposition Labour Party Produces Poll within Two Days of Highly Acclaimed Don Anderson Poll . Poll being described as Bogus and Laughable

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Noted Jamaican Pollster Don Anderson over the last weekend released information regarding a poll conducted by his Market Research Services Ltd company which showed an overall favourabe rating for the ruling Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris led Team UNITY Administration. The Poll of some 506 registered voters showed that the Team UNITY Government had an increased appeal and satisfaction when compared to two years  ago when they took office.

Less than 2 days after the release of the information of the Don Anderson Poll the Opposition Dr. Denzil Douglas led SKN Labour Party has now produced a poll of their own which shows totally opposite findings to that of the Don Anderson poll. The so called SKN Labour Party Poll was seemingly produced in less than 2 days and purports  that over 1000 persons were interviewed in just two days after the release of the Don Anderson Poll on the weekend.

“This so called poll released by the Labour Party is bogus and laughable,” said one Political Observer.  “It just doesn’t make sense that a Don Anderson Poll is done over a few weeks in March and February and information or results regarding that poll is released over the last weekend and shows an overall high approval rating for PM Harris and his Team UNITY administration and in less than two days the Opposition somehow miraculously conducts a poll of some 1000 people. This is the sort of  outrageous and outlandish pronouncements , claims and actions that has hastened the waning appeal and  popularity of the labour party,” the observer continued.

There are a number of things that points to the widespread assertion that the Opposition produced poll is bogus. Firstly there was no indication whatsoever by the Opposition even in the early days after the Don Anderson poll  that they had themselves commissioned a poll. Secondly the Opposition poll claims a sample size of 1000. Similar polls held in much bigger jurisdictions like Jamaica and Trinidad conduct similar polls with the same sample size of 1000. However whereas the electorate of Jamaica and Trindad run into the millions that of SKN is just under 40,000. So it simply does not seem rationale that  whilst 1000 persons are interviewed for these polls in islands like Jamaica and Trinidad the same 1000 is interviewed in a much smaller electorate such as in SKN. Thirdly the timing of the release of the poll is much more than coincidental and seems more like a concocted reaction to the Don Anderson Poll released last weekend.


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