SKN High Commission In London Promotes Cooperation With National Associations

SKN HC meets SKN Nat Associations

London, United Kingdom (11 March 2016) – The St. Kitts and Nevis High Commission in London and leadership teams from the St. Kitts and Nevis National Associations from across the UK came together on Friday, 11th March 2016 to engage in discussions on cooperation and collaboration.  From Leeds to Manchester, Bedford to Slough, Leicester to London, attendees capitalised on the opportunity to share information, exchange ideas, build networks and chart avenues for increased cooperation – all in an effort to bolster the Federation’s linkages in the United Kingdom while giving back to communities at the home.

High Commissioner Isaac welcomed the interest and energy of nationals and friends who wish to continue fostering positive change both at home and among the Kittitian and Nevisian communities in Britain.  In his opening remarks, he mentioned that the meeting was built on what has been an on-going conversation throughout the years toward cooperation in the UK and impactful actions in the Federation.

The High Commission team used the opportunity to tout the political and socio-economic developments in the Federation and singled out efforts being made in healthcare where the diaspora can play a particularly constructive role.  In this regard, attendees engaged in a spirited discussion on efforts that they have taken toward building capacity and expertise at home and mechanisms through which those can be channelled. Key sectors that have long benefitted from contributions from nationals in the diaspora are education and healthcare. In continuing this tradition, attendees expressed appreciation for the steps geared toward improving access to mental health and cancer care in the Federation and identified these two areas for further action in line with Government programmes and priorities.

High Commissioner Isaac shared with nationals the intention the Prime Minister and his colleagues to visit the UK in the near future to engage with them.  The High Commission pledged to redouble its efforts in being a bridge and centre of information and ideas for the fostering of diaspora relations across the United Kingdom.

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