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BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, June 17, 2019 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Scores of fathers who received the unprecedented special Father’s Day treatment offered at the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) West Basseterre Branch office at the CMR Building in Lime Kiln Commercial Park on Sunday June 16 have made a passionate appeal that the event be held annually.

“I have been told and I have been asked, and it is has been recommended that from now on we say it was the first annual Father’s Day event here at West Basseterre PLP,” said Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett, the person behind the pampering of fathers where they received haircuts, pedicures, manicures, and massages on Father’s Day.

“Now the fathers are looking forward for this to be an annual event and I think we just may take up on that because our fathers deserve the very best and of course everybody knows West Basseterre – we always make sure that we spread some #WestLove,” said the Hon Byron-Nisbett, who is Team Unity’s Caretaker for St. Christopher Three – West Basseterre. “So the very best is what you deserve and the very best is what you will always get when it comes to PLP West Basseterre. We will continue to spread #WestLove in everything else that we do.”

The fathers were welcomed with a glass of wine, and food was in plenty. The PLP office was transformed into a spa, and pedicures and manicures were done in the reception area, and massages were done on beds in the board room which had been partitioned into three sections by use of netting draping. Haircuts were done at the parking lot under tents, where some played dominos while they waited for their turn, and outdoor music was provided by DJ Hell Fire.

“I feel like a brand new man and I feel like a real father this time,” said Mr Kervin ‘Milo Box’ Freeman. “It is a lovely feeling and I am glad that Akilah came up with this idea. Akilah and her team came up with this idea to show appreciation to the fathers, because you know we get a bad rap every year. Haircut, toes done, massage, and wine – so this is the best thing since slice bread that has happened to fathers and I want to thank Akilah and her team once again for this great initiative and I hope it becomes an annual thing.”

The special event which was organised by the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) West Basseterre Branch was held in collaboration with its Team Unity sister party, the People’s Action Movement (PAM). The special treatment was not restricted to fathers from Constituency Three only, as a number came from outside the West Basseterre area.

Former Antigua and Barbuda and Leeward Islands cricket player Mr Wilden Cornwall, who is the assistant coach of the Leeward Islands Hurricanes, was one of the many fathers who received the full treatment at the PLP West Basseterre Branch Father’s Day event, and thanked the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett and the other persons who assisted in hosting the event.

“I am sure many will say that fathers don’t get anything on Father’s Day,” said Mr Cornwall. “We really look like there is nothing there for us. I must commend every member, part of the Unity Team, that put this gesture together which could show the fathers there is hope for them in society and I hope and pray this is not only for this year, that it is going to be an annual thing.”

Massages were done by Ms Shona Billinghurst, a popular beach vendor massage therapist, and her two working partners Ms Loretta Pascal, and Ms Iyana Cummings. Pedicures were done by Ms Rene Taylor, and Ms Desiree Campbell, while Ms Tameka Williams assisted with manicures. Haircuts were done by Mr Rafael Argeli Peňa Sanchez, and Mr Carlos Esmon Carty Arias.

“The ambience, first of all, it was really breath-taking,” said massage therapist Ms Shona Billinghurst. “The setup – it was really nice. The soft nice mellow music and the setting reminded me so much of a real spa. So kudos to PLP Number Three, they did a fantastic job in the decoration and everything was in order. The fathers really enjoyed it as some of them it was like their first time ever having a massage – so it was new to them.”

Leading the event was one of the Peoples Labour Party members, Ms Angela ‘Tallet’ Lewis who was assisted by Mrs Jenifer Howell. Ms Lewis, while thanking the many fathers who turned up for the event, thanked all those who helped with the office decoration with the assistance of Dreamy Décor saying, “It is amazing how we were able to transform the office into our own little spa.”


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