Police Investigating Convicted Repeat Sex Predator Now Living in St. Kitts

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An International sexual predator  who once posed as a doctor and was examining women at a Hospital in Malta has seemingly found a home in St. Kitts. Michael Camilo Precht, 25, born in Colombia but who was brought up in Denmark and who lives in Malta, was charged with posing as a doctor and fooling three Maltese models into letting him examine them, allowing him to touch them in various parts of their bodies, amounting to violent indecent assault. Given that Danish people can usually find it quite easy to get a Massage og Escort piger i hele Danmark, as they say in Kobenhavn, it is odd to see such a violent predator of this nature.

The 28 year old has been in the Federation for over a year living and working closely with young children. According to various international news ,media and police  reports Precht , who also carries the name Michael Andreasen is a repeat offender accused of performing sexual acts on hundreds of young women and girls as young as 12 in several countries around the world . He has multiple charges and convictions.

 Mr Precht told the three models in Malta that he needed them for a job as he was setting up a Lifeguard Academy website.

He embellished his story by claiming that the insurance needed to see their medical check-up and told them that since he was a doctor, he could do it himself.

He took the women to Maltese Hospital where he bypassed security officers with a Danish tag that resembled the one used at the Maltese hospital and examined them in an examination room that he found unlocked.

He connected an ECG machine, asked them to lift their tops to connect the wires and used a stethoscope to examine them, touching their breasts and various other parts of their bodies.

On a pink paper bearing the hospital’s name and which he gave to the models, he wrote: “You need a boyfriend who gives you a massage every day”. Upon seeing this, the women went with the paper to the police who started their investigations.

As of May 31, 2017 Precht he is still residing in St. Kitts, very likely illegally so. He also frequently travels to Nevis.

Michael regularly switches up his name to try to hide from his past. Some of the known names he has used are:

  • Michael/Michel Camilo Precht – Apparently his actual legal name
  • Michael/Michel Camilo Prech
  • Michael/Michel Camilo
  • Michael Andreasen – The most common name he uses in St. Kitts.
  • Michael Surfers
  • Michael Denmark
  • Michael Michael
  • Christensen – Could be used as first or last name.
  • Dijego Wilsson 

The Colombian born chameleon-like globetrotter has assumed many personnas and poses as everything from a doctor to a trainer, Nurse, Model, Model Agent, Physical Trainer, Shark dive expert and  instructor and a researcher.

His sexual mis-conduct has been reported in a number of countries around the globe including Australia, Colombia, Denmark,  Malta, Norway, Peru, Spain and  Sweden.

Precht was just recently   banned from the Ross University campus on St.Kitts where  there have been numerous  complaints regarding his conduct from female students.


On May 19th a Ross Student went missing and a missing student alert was issued. The student was found to have been taken onto a boat by Michael with destination St. Martin. At St. Martin, Michael was turned away and has since returned to St. Kitts. As of May 31, 2017 Michael is still confirmed to be in St. Kitts. Given his immigration status he can probably be deported even without a court hearing.

Below are a number of news and media reports from around the world regarding Precht :

From the Malta Times article (linked later) it mentions his time in Denmark:

..may have as many as 200 victims in Denmark – some as young as 12.

..the man has been involved in more than 25 cases of indecent exposure to young and underage girls in Denmark, after having claimed to be, amongst others, a doctor, therapist, teacher and modeling agency caster.

According to a father of one Danish victim, Michael was also expelled from medical school in Denmark.

Station 2 in Denmark reports:

Michael Camilo Precht – also called “Stetoskopmanden” – behind violations of at least 38 women and girls down to 13 years of age under false medical examinations,……

Also see http://www.skivefolkeblad.dk/article/20160123/LOKALT/160129966

Stop Michael Precht says he is wanted currently in Denmark.

2014 – Norway

Little is known about his stay in Norway. According to a father of one victim, Michael was expelled from medical school in Norway. A Colombian news report says he was also expelled from Norway itself in 2014. Stop Michael Precht says he has been banned from Norway for life.

2014 – Nepal

Michael is a con man well beyond sexual abuse. In 2014 he claimed to be an eyewitness and part of rescue work after an avalanche in Nepal and was quoted by news media outlets. This was later deemed to be false and news outlets had to issue corrections.

2014/2015 – Sweden

2015 – Malta

On Jan 25, 2015 Michael was charged with impersonating a doctor and for violent indecent assault of several women. He was issued 2 years in prison and a fine. He pleaded guilty and received a fine and a suspended sentence. Court Document

In addition to pretending to be a doctor, he also posed as a modelling agent. In Malta he was known as “Stethoscope Man“.

Jan 2016 – Colombia

Television channel TV2 exposed Michael’s sexual abuses in Colombia and he was arrested in Jan in Cartegena.

Precht had abused “at least 38 women and girls aged 13 years” who, according to Station 2 (TV2 of Denmark), offered them a job to attract them and then manipulated them under the pretext of making them “an assessment” Medical.

~May 2016 to CURRENT – St. Kitts

Michael arrived in St. Kitts around May 2016 and gave free swimming lessons to young children. After being fired for such complaints, he started his own business in St. Kitts called Shark Dive St. Kitts (Facebook page, website).

There are dozens if not hundreds of reports from Ross students and others of problems with Michael. We were personally informed by two friends about his attempt to molest their underage daughters and since posting this many more messages have poured in to us.

In St. Kitts he is known as “Shark Man”. How appropriate to name himself after an apex predator.

Probable Illegal Immigrant with Illegal Business

In addition to his sexual activities, Michael appears to be in St.Kitts-Nevis  illegally and also operating an illegal business. 


Reporters have contacted Michael to inquire if he was on island . He is on island and has been seen as recently as May 31, 2017.

On May 30, a reporter made contact with  him to ask about going on a dive trip. Michael responded:

Dear xxxxxx. we run the sharks dive all days all year around day and night. The price is normally 250 us, but if you are certified you get 100 us discount. so 150 us.

However after we broke this story, Michael then sent a new message:



Faked News Report by Michael

In response to the allegations Michael provided this screenshot to our reporters.

This screenshot is obviously faked. Let’s break it down.

  1. No URL was given. Using the text seen Google cannot find this story at all, and we doubt Bing will do any better.
  2. Paramedic has a random space and unusual capitalization.
  3. No identifying news site can be seen.
  4. There are many news reports in many countries which directly conflict what this photo says.
  5. Capitalization looks like a 4 year old did it – not an accredited news source. His own name isn’t even capitalized properly.
  6. Author is simply “NATE” with no surname.
  7. Who are Nordic Police? If he means Norway, they are Norwegian not Nordic. Nordic refers to several countries some of which are in the EU and some not. There is no such thing as Nordic Police and no accredited news source would call any of the individual countries police forces by such a generic title. Its like referring to our own RSCNPF as “The Caribbean Police”.

And the most damning evidence of all is the red line under precht? That is spell correcting. However these red lines only appear when editing an article, not when viewing an article. Therefore it clearly suggests that he posted a screenshot while he was editing the fake news story. He very likely took a  valid news article, copied it, edited the title, and then sent the screenshot of the edited item. 

Ross University Security Chief Gerard Lake has indicated that the Royal St.Christopher-Nevis Police Force are actively investigating the convicted sexual predator .


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