PLP brings Father’s Day cheers to St. Christopher Children’s Home 

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BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, June 19, 2017 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — The Peoples Labour Party’s mantra, Putting People First, was actualised at the grassroots level on Father’s Day Sunday June 18, when residents of the St. Christopher Children’s Home in West Basseterre were treated to a sumptuous lunch by the PLP National Executive.


“We are here to remind these children, we as fathers and father figures in our different communities, that we bring it to them because we would understand exactly why they are here,” said Mr Warren Thompson, Chairman of Peoples Labour Party (PLP), one of the three parties in ruling Team Unity Administration.


“For some they may not have the direct parental care that they require and the government had to take charge and so it is important that we as a political party, on behalf of the Prime Minister and PLP Political Leader Dr the Hon Timothy Harris who is overseas presently that we give this present to them, because we remember them.”


Mr Thompson explained that those children were not in a home where there is a father figure, where they could sit at a table with a father and a mother for breakfast, lunch or dinner and the PLP chose the occasion of Father’s Day to remind the children that there are still people who care.


“There are still people who love them,” pointed out Mr Thompson. “Not because they are in what we call a children’s home, that they are being abandoned and nobody thinks about them. It is significant that we came here today and really celebrate the World Father’s Day with them.”


Ms Josette Carty, cook at the St. Christopher Children’s Home, assisted with the serving of the food and she noted that the children were very happy as expressions on their faces could show it. She added that for the time she has worked at the home, it was the first time that the children had been treated to a Father’s Day lunch.


“On behalf of the children and the management of the home, we thank the PLP team for coming to uplift the children’s spirits,” said Ms Carty. She added that because of the gift of food she did not have to cook the lunch for the children which was a relief for her as all she did was to help the PLP team serve food to the children.


“We are here today to spread some love and share some joy with the children at the children’s home,” said Mr Damian Weekes, a PLP Youth Arm Representative. “We came with the idea as a way for PLP Youth Arm and Executive Members to engage with the kids who are less fortunate, who do not have a father figure in their life. So we decided to put on a luncheon for them.”


The luncheon was made possible by the Youth Arm of the PLP and taking charge were the two representatives on the PLP’s National Executive, Mr Damien Weekes and Manasses Huggins, who were accompanied at the children’s home by PLP’s Deputy National Secretary Mr Christophe Greaux. The food was made available through the generosity of Tiranga Restaurant, the Mill Coffee House, Karrons Fabrics, and the Copy Centre.


“It was a really good experience because this is something that I normally get to do on a regular basis,” observed Mr Weekes. “I was here last year December during the PLP Constituency Number Three Branch Family Fun Day. We had a fun day and we came by after, and we distributed some toys and some party bags to the children at the home.”


He further explained that he had recently talked to the institution’s matron who had told him about their garden, which needed some attention. Mr Weekes noted that he would raise the issue with the PLP National Executive for them to assist the home in maintaining the garden to enable them to grow popular produce like peppers, carrot, okra, broccoli and corn.


“It was a good experience, I enjoyed it very much and I am hoping to do it again,” concluded the Youth Arm Representative on the Peoples Labour Party National Executive.


The children, who number fourteen, and one resident adult also received toys and fidget spinners.


Before the group left they were joined by House Mother Pearla Williams and House Mother Donna English.


“I think the children enjoyed the lunch, and it was very nutritious,” said House Mother Pearla Williams. “On behalf of the children I want say thanks to the Prime Minister and the PLP for treating the children to a nice and lovely delicious Father’s Day Lunch.”


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